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The models saw a complete re-skinning with the exception of the body's canopies which remained identical to the 59's, but removed the tail fins and the distinctive split grille which Ford copied on the final Edsel models for The Firebird continued to fly high on the success of the ' Smokey and the Bandit ' film, still offering Formula and Trans Am packages, plus a Pontiac first- a turbocharged V8, for the and model years. Astre had been sold exclusively in Canada from This was a major departure from anything Pontiac had produced in the past. For , the Tempest and LeMans' trans-axle design was dropped and the cars were redesigned under GM's new A body platform; frame cars with a conventional front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout. The next year, the would become a true with a new bore size of 3. In , a brand-new Bonneville was introduced.

2007 pontiac g6 throttle body

The front track was now widened to the rear track at 64". The STE sported digital instruments and other electronics as well as a more powerful V-6 and retuned suspension. They incorporated styling cues such as lower body lines and rear fenders that were integrated in the rear-end styling of the car. The Polaris design apparently made it to full-scale clay before it was cancelled. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The Tempest's popularity helped move Pontiac into third place among American car brands in , a position Pontiac would hold through The Sunbird , based on the Chevrolet Vega and Monza's equivalent, joined the line. As a result of Pontiac's rising sales, versus Oakland's declining sales, Pontiac became the only companion marque to survive its parent, with Oakland ceasing production in In , a brand-new Bonneville was introduced. James MacDonald left the post of general manager to be replaced by Martin J. Only eight cylinder engines were offered in and , displacing It came with a flathead straight eight. The Ventura featured the luxury features of the Bonneville in the shorter, lighter Catalina body. A total of hardtops and eight convertibles were made. One so equipped was tested by 'Car and Driver' magazine, who proclaimed it the last of the fast cars. One of the first steps involved the removal of the famous trademark "silver streaks" from the hood and deck lid of the models just weeks before the s were introduced. For the first time since , Pontiac was the number three domestic car maker in America. While the and models were heavily re-worked versions of the Chieftain models, they were engineered for the V8 engine that was supposed to be introduced on the models, however Buick division complained to corporate that the introduction might take sales away because Buick was introducing its new nailhead V-8 in These new chassis allowed for reduced weight and smaller body sizes. A new sub model,the SSEi, was introduced in carrying all standard equipment from the SSE model, plus the hp supercharged V6. Both continued Knudsen's work of making Pontiac a performance-car brand. At mid-year , Pontiac introduced the Phoenix, an upscale version of the Ventura which replaced the Ventura entirely after the end of the model year. In the late s, Pontiac used a Buick "torpedo" body for one of its models, just prior to its being used by Chevrolet, earning some media attention for the marque. Subsequent engine design would be accomplished by one central office with all designs being shared by each brand. Another step was introducing the first Bonneville —a limited-edition Star Chief convertible that showcased Pontiac's first fuel-injected engine. Straight 8s were slightly less expensive to produce than the increasingly popular V8s, but they were also heavier and longer. In , Pontiac discontinued the Streamliner and replaced it with additional models in the Chieftain line built on the GM A-body platform.

2007 pontiac g6 throttle body

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Contemporary rumors of the rope-shaft's demise due to reliability problems are unfounded; the rope-shaft's durability and performance had been proven in tests in full-size Pontiacs and Cadillacs in , and only adapted to a smaller car in Originally, the car was a "consolation prize" for Pontiac, which had desired to produce a two-seat sports car based on its original Banshee concept car.

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