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A viewer complained of an error in the reported closing share price of NAB. A viewer complained that footage of Senator Cory Bernardi was used in a misleading way. Hack, 22nd February Summary published: The World Today, 25th November Summary published: A listener complained about the potential impact on child listeners of coarse language that was broadcast.

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News Online, 28th May Summary published: A reader pointed out that Simon Anderson, inventor of the triple-fin surfboard, was inaccurately included in an article about Geelong's contribution to design and invention. The World, 14th May Summary published: Earshot, 22nd September Summary published: A ABC Perth listener complained that a quote from a talk back caller was inappropriately used in a station promotion. A viewer complained of an error in the reported closing share price of CSL on that day. A complainant pointed out that a photograph on the ABC News site was wrongly attributed. An ABC Goulburn Murray listener expressed concern that a discussion in a sports segment included sexist commentary. An online reader challenged the accuracy of a story about hacking concerns at a Vermont energy company. PM, 25th August Summary published: News Online, 28th February Summary published: A viewer raised multiple concerns about accuracy and impartiality in an interview with leading Palestinian commentator, Dr Ramzy Baroud, about recent Palestinian protests in Gaza. The Drum, 10th March Summary published: Media Watch, 11th July Summary published: News Online, 30th May Summary published: A viewer complained that an episode of the program on ABC ME inappropriately showed children making a solar food dehydrator using sheets of polystyrene in a black box to heat and dehydrate apples for human consumption. A listener complained that a commentator used sexist language to describe poor play in a football match. Mornings, 31st March Summary published: The Drum, 16th August Summary published: A reader complained that former Prime Minister Tony Abbott had been misquoted in an article about Alinta Energy making an unsolicited offer for the Liddell power plant. Rural Online, 2nd December Summary published: A complainant said that a photo of man consuming alcohol at a local cricket carnival inappropriately showed children in the image. A viewer complained of an error in the reported closing share price of NAB. A viewer complained about the inclusion of an Apple-branded computer throughout a segment and considered this an example of product placement. A reader objected to American military figure Oliver North being described as "a convicted criminal" in an opinion piece about the Texas school shooting that took place in May.

Abc iview compass

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An audience member challenged the accuracy of reports that four people had been killed in shootings during protests by students from the University of Papua New Guinea. The readers felt the article inaccurately asserted that retirees pay no income tax, with one reader also asserting bias.

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