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Taroon System Civil War which lasted for 20 years. Even though the Empire maintains a firm military presence on the planet of Veron located in the Mektrun Cluster , the native species, Gazaran have been permitted to retain their traditional lifestyle and government. Escape from such confinement is impossible as there are no space ships to capture or sophisticated equipment needed to build a communications device in either the Rebel settlement or the prisoner colony. The denominations of the Imperial Credit were: Originally, they were employed as a law enforcement tool, keeping the peace and capturing or killing dangerous criminals.


The Rebels treat droids like the machines they are, which is totally against their "A Call to Reason" propaganda pamphlet. Even Rebel droids believe this, namely Emkay, the droid owned by Ace Azzameen. Some Rebels claim that the Vergesso Asteroids Shadowport was a mining colony. Near-Humans known as Epicanthix submitted to the Empire's rule shortly after the declaration of the New Order. It wanted to write a letter to the Rebels' Organization for Droid and Machine Abuse on the Rebel command ship MC80a Independence to request that practice to be stopped. As a consequence of Imperial inspectors discovering the ill goods of the Rebellion onboard the tramp freighter, its captain is often incarcerated or executed for being a Rebel sympathizer. These companies were major manufacturers of black market assassin droid matrixes and mission-specific components in the entire Mid-Rim region. For visual explanation click: Once the Rebel droid Emkay learned from its master Ace Azzameen the truth about these two sections of the Pilot Proving Grounds, the droid was "disturbed" that the Rebels were doing this. Sluis Van, home of its famed shipyards receives most of its revenues from working with the Empire. The details of these sections along with the rest of the Pilot Proving Grounds are kept secret by the pilots who fly them. Governor Stant Rosswell curried favour with the business community on the planet of Indu San by loosening import and export regulations, and as a result Imperial rule on the planet was not unpopular. In the Sisar Run, Black Sun influence allows the Rebels to obtain ships and supplies that they would normally be hard-pressed to obtain. There are planets who value the New Order and accept it. However, even within the sphere of the Known Galaxy Republic Credits were not always accepted. Even though the Empire maintains a firm military presence on the planet of Veron located in the Mektrun Cluster , the native species, Gazaran have been permitted to retain their traditional lifestyle and government. They are dropped off on a continent thousands of kilometres from Rebel settlements. As the shipyard came under Imperial control, the first Imperial governor assigned to the base attempted to reduce the number of alien workers. Should signs that the species is reverting back to their old ways become apparent, the Empire would swiftly move to restore peace on Ando. As a result of the investigation, it was discovered that the Barabels were sentient. Note that coins of larger denominations existed, however, they were not in wide circulation. From there he worked hard to convince his people to renounce their pacifist ways. Alderaan was conducting major sums of secret Rebel activities. Pilot droids such as the V1 Pilot Droid, which are employed by the Rebels have been outfitted with self-destruct circuits. Kaal System, a major agricultural world and resort for Imperial personnel on leave in the Yushan Sector.


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In the Corellian Sector, the Empire enforced the peace between the sector's three dominant species:

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