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Some people like to leave them on so they can see how much they paid, compared to current market value. But be careful if you do decide to remove them, they can tear and damage the box reducing its value. It is a block of Melamine Foam, and is sold under many different brand names. They are identifiable by a sticker placed on the clear plastic part of the box. Q, please let us know in the forum on Popvinylfaq. It is also the only way some of us will ever get that blue box Luke or Slave Leia in our collection. Pop Price Guide is not really relevant for us in Australia, as many pops considered exclusive in the U. What is a Grail?

Are funko pop figures worth collecting

If you have a better method, please let us know about it on the forum. Some retail outlets in Australia include: Freddy Funko is the Funko Companies mascot. For example, the new Star Wars set. What Should I Collect? S are regulars here, and vice versa. These are considered Highly collectible and very valuable. Some heads are fixed firmly in place with glue. There are a lot of tips and tricks, and examples of customs he has created. They are limited edition subscription collectors boxes that are released monthly, and contain exclusive items that cant be purchased anywhere else. Price Tag Residue On Cardboard — The general consensus in the Pop communities is that a small amount of rubbing alcohol or eucalyptus oil on a cotton swab will do the trick. They are identifiable by a sticker placed on the clear plastic part of the box. Chek them out HERE. Q, please let us know in the forum on Popvinylfaq. I have also heard of people using car headlights. If you have any questions or answers you would like to contribute to the F. If you want to find something rare or retired quickly, Ebay. If you intend to keep all of your Pops, it is fun to take them out of the boxes because they look so cool. Magic Erasers seem to be the most popular solution in the Pop community. The stickers on the clear plastic part of the box indicate that the item is some sort of exclusive or rarity IE — From Comic-Con. When you have enough spare change you can buy one from time to time and gradually build your collection, with the goal of completing the set. Check out The Funkustomizer Files website. There are so many Pops available now, it is very easy to be overwhelmed. There is an easy way to tell the difference between an original and a re-release. If you decide you want to start by collecting all of the characters from the Big Bang Theory for example, you are going to get disappointed pretty quickly, as some of them have been retired and are very hard to find. These exclusive items do sometimes turn up for sale on Ebay.

Are funko pop figures worth collecting

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Another solution I have heard of but not tried is to use a hair dryer to soften the glue.

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