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We need to ask what we mean by "equal" here. Love between gay individuals is equal to other forms of love from 1. Fatherhood is similarly demeaned and reduced to the supply of sperm. Premise 2 is also clearly false, as stated. It will not be the same. Without taking away from the positives that there are in a faithful monogamous, homosexual union, there is, in a heterosexual union, apart from obvious social, phenomenological and physical differences, one very important and fundamental distinction. This is not, however, a question of equality.

Arguments for and against gay marriage

Nobody is seriously proposing recriminalising that, thank goodness. Equal cannot mean to the same intensity or degree. This is a fundamental element in the relationship between a man and woman that is not available to same-sex relationships. One way of encapsulating the logical form of the argument is the following: Matt Roberts In the early days of this debate, Coalition backbencher Kevin Andrews made an analogy between same-sex couples and his cycling buddies. It is not then the same human right. Reproductive technology does nothing to alter the fundamental situation of infertility and requires third parties that is, reproductive scientists to facilitate reproduction. A homosexual union is of a different species to a heterosexual union, since it necessarily involves a union of a same-sex couple, while a heterosexual union involves the union of a male and female couple. Marriage is a human right, but as envisaged in the UNDHR it is understood as being between a man and a woman. Love between gay individuals is equal to other forms of love from 1. This is not changed by paying her well - indeed, could be seen as a further devaluing of her and of motherhood, as it reduces the respect due to her to no more than the sum of money. It is clear that this involves having the same kinds of essential characteristics. Nobody thinks you can marry a road, and I know this because I've been trying to make an honest span of Brisbane's Go-Between Bridge for years. Perhaps the most generous thing that can be said here is that in such a heated debate, it's lovely to have at least one thing on which we can all agree. It cannot be stretched to include same-sex couples, since by their nature they are incapable of forming families. In terms of the truth of [5], it follows that if [3] and [4] are true then so will [5]. So it's now a question of whether we take the next step beyond legalisation, and treat gay and lesbian relationships as truly equal. A counter-objection that is often put is the following: We need to ask what we mean by "equal" here. Australian governments once prevented Aboriginal people from marrying non-Aboriginal people. In recent days, Cory Bernardi has made his own version of this argument via a "pink rainbow Trojan horse", which looks so much like a My Little Pony that he may well accidentally convince impressionable young girls that marriage equality involves rainbows, sparkles and magic friendship. She is treated as merely a baby incubator with no emotional attachment to the child she is bearing. Who is fighting against the same-sex marriage postal survey and what arguments will they be making in the High Court? In short, the argument is that it devalues their love. But some of the arguments proposed by the No case betray discomfort with those relationships in general.

Arguments for and against gay marriage

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Q&A Same Sex Marriage Debate

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