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Beware of assuming that you can work out someone's philosophical point of view simply from the fact that she calls herself an atheist or an agnostic. Indeed, atheists often follow a very similar moral code as religious people, but they arrive at the decision of what is good or bad without any help from the idea of God. But what of more trivial morality? Atheists are not unbelievers through ignorance or denial; they are unbelievers through choice. As applied to religion, freethinkers generally hold that given the presently known facts, established scientific theories and logical principles there is insufficient evidence to support the existence of supernatural phenomena such as gods and deities.

Atheist viewpoint

In fact, most atheists consider any paranormal belief systems such as astrology, clairvoyance, spiritualism, etc as at best useless, and at times positively dangerous. This absence of belief generally comes about either through deliberate choice, or from an inherent inability to believe religious teachings which seem literally incredible. For some, atheism may be an act of rebellion against a religious upbringing, but usually it results from independent thinking and reasoned skepticism. Skeptical atheism certainly doesn't fit that definition, as skeptical atheism has no beliefs. But surely belief in atheism or science is still just an act of faith, like religion is? And strong, compelling evidence is required, because the existence of God is an extraordinary claim--and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Secondly, it is necessary to adopt a number of core beliefs or assumptions to make some sort of sense out of the sensory data we experience. Atheism is rarely evangelistic. Why aren't there any atheist charities or hospitals? There are even sects of Christian Atheists who reject the God of Christianity but follow the teachings of Jesus and Jewish Atheists who emphasize Jewish culture and history, rather than belief in a God, as the sources of Jewish identity. Whilst I have tried to be as neutral as possible regarding contentious issues, you should always remember that this document represents only one viewpoint. To them, atheism is just a simple, obvious everyday matter, and so is charity. However, it is sufficiently different that counterarguments based on the impossibility of disproving every kind of God are not really applicable. Religions can still have a say in discussion of purely secular matters. Naturally, there are some people who behave "immorally" and try to use atheism to justify their actions. A few atheists are quite antireligious, and may even try to "convert" others when possible. Eventually A uses the statement as an "agreed fact," but uses his original definitions of all the words in it rather than the obscure redefinitions originally needed to get B to agree to it. If we assume that something does not exist, it is always possible to show that this assumption is invalid by finding a single counterexample. The Case Against God. If you define morality as obedience to God, then of course atheists are less moral as they don't obey any God. Atheists are not unbelievers through ignorance or denial; they are unbelievers through choice. It's worth pointing out in passing that some varieties of Buddhism are not "religion" according to such a definition. Antitheism Antitheism is active opposition to belief in the existence of gods or a specific god or gods. Many Buddhists lack a belief in any sort of God. They don't exist either. For example, it is generally assumed that the laws of physics are the same for all observers or at least, all observers in inertial frames. Others are atheists through skepticism, because they see no evidence that God exists.

Atheist viewpoint

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The Atheist Viewpoint

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It is essentially an absence of belief which makes no particular claims and therefore requires no justification. If we assume that something does not exist, it is always possible to show that this assumption is invalid by finding a single counterexample.

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