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As the dance progresses, new formations occur, and you might find yourself at some points in the dance with a partner who is not your original partner. Use a comfortable handshake with hands reached and touched at about average waist height. Everyone starts facing the center of the square. At any particular point in time, your partner is the person standing alongside you, and your corner is the person across the corner as described above. This means that if a lady starts with a BFT in her left hand, or a man starts with one in his right, the BFT moves when the dancers take starting position and before the first figure is called. Of course, females and males can dance together, as long as the male and female roles are defined and decided upon ahead of time. Right and Left Grand: Both legs are straight with weight on the back foot.

Basic square dance steps

The couples are then numbered and move counterclockwise through the square. Each member of a couple is the other member's partner. Square dances begin in the square formation. You will often find during a dance that a woman will dance with a few of the men. Even better, there is no age limit, making it the perfect activity for the young and old alike. This usually requires six to eight couples. In general terms, short gliding steps which utilize both ball and heel of the foot make a comfortable dance step. There is often a repeat. Couples in a skater's position, men on the ladies left side, and slightly behind her, take hands and walk together in a counter clockwise circle until you reach your home position. For the sake of dancer comprehension and teaching purposes, it may be necessary to initially have the dancers back up into facing couples, then step back into the wave and complete the call. Thumbs are gently closed on the back of the opposing dancer's hand. If there is no modifier specifying particular dancers, it means that everyone does the figure. Ladies Chain Ladies singled out by the caller walk toward each other and hold right hands. Multiples of couples or mini-waves in a straight line, whether facing the same or in opposite directions, should all join hands: So when dancing, maintain your handhold from the last figure until you know that the next figure will break it. The objective of the Mainstream call definitions is to provide clear, concise, simple explanations of the terms and calls used in the Mainstream Program. Handholds are maintained until the couple or mini-wave is destroyed by a change of relative position of one or both of the partners. Social sites such as Myspace, Facebook, and Craigslist have made it easier than ever to start a new activity and network with others who may be interested in joining. It is possible, however, to have four dancers in a line facing four dancers in an opposite line ready for a dosado. An acceptable traditional variation of styling is that the men bow slightly from the waist as the ladies acknowledge with a curtsy. The fingers and thumb are held in close. Was this page useful? Use a comfortable handshake with hands reached and touched at about average waist height. Slight pressure is all that is required. From elementary school through high school, some children will receive exposure to square dance steps through their gym class.

Basic square dance steps

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Square dancing for kids - demonstration video with Music

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Women back out, so everyone is in a hand holding circle again. Men will basically just help the ladies roll in front of them to get to his other side.

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