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First of all, decide if the compound is ionic, covalent-molecular or an acid. It may alternatively be assigned as homework after a lesson on nomenclature. Zn NO3 2 - all nitrates are soluble. Complete these in lab and on your own time for practice. This section is designed to help you review some of those rules and conventions. So its not insoluble, it just has a very small solubility. Notice that changing the CH3 group with R does not change the oxidation number of the central atom. Next Copyright c Includes a practice worksheet.


Be careful Watch your spelling!!! Chemical nomenclature is the term given to the naming of compounds. Answers to each of these questions fall within the realm of a field known as organic chemistry. Page 1 Nomenclature Practice Quiz. Complex polyatomic ionic compounds are to be named on Worksheet 4. Which of the following are insoluble in water? The compound is neutral overall, but consists of positively charged ions called 3 Name the last element and change its ending to "ide" 4 Prefix this last element's name with the appropriate numbering prefix Write the name for each of the following: Includes a practice worksheet. The reason why substances are soluable or insoluable are examined. Use the cycloalkane as the parent chain if it has a greater number of carbons than any alkylsubstituent. Answer the following to the best of your ability. Included are examples of simple cyclic compounds and substituted bicyclic organic compounds. Like other naming situations, it sometimes seems arbitrary and picky, but it isn't fundamentally hard. Practice naming more simple ionic compounds. Do you still wish to submit the quiz? Naming Covalent Compounds Solutions Write the formulas for the following covalent compounds: Join thousands of students and gain free access to 46 hours of Chemistry videos that follow the topics your textbook covers. Nomenclature of Ions and Ionic Compounds. We have practice tests for students. Write the name and formula for each of the following: Organic Nomenclature Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives Spring Single carboxylic acids Carboxylic acid nomenclature is very tough for a couple of reasons. Naming salts, binary inorganic ionic compounds, using IUPAC recommendations introductory tutorial for chemistry students. Free flashcards to help memorize facts about Chpt. Write the formula for each of the compounds. Click the "Start Quiz" button to proceed. With this information in hand, you can follow the naming scheme for covalent compounds:


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Bonds between atoms of the same element homonuclear bonds are always divided equally. The basic rules for naming and identifying ionic compounds are 1 cation is named first and 2 anion is named second, plus the suffix -ide.

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