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Peisley was captured in late January , charged with murdering a Bigga innkeeper, and hanged at Bathurst. This marked Australia's first bank robbery. Gold dredging also took place in the district especially at various spots along Adelong Creek. In the cyanidation method solutions of potassium or sodium cyanide pass through the finely crushed ore, dissolve the gold, and drain into vats or tanks. A considerable quantity of gold has also been won by reef mining. Gold occurs, in many places, disseminated finely throughout rocks of sedimentary origin, in such proportion that the whole thickness of the bed may be worked profitably.

Blayney new south wales

Usually bottoms of pipe-clay, decomposed clayey rocks and granite are favourable for retaining gold, but if the bottom is hard and smooth the gold is generally swept further on in the direction of flow of the stream. The standard gauge connection from Albury to Melbourne was completed in It has continued to function as a school since that day, making it one of the oldest continuous schools in Australia. About this time James Tom left Springfield for the Bogan River district to take delivery of some cattle. A narrow gauge railway was built by South Australian Railways from Port Pirie to Broken Hill , in to serve its silver and lead mine, which was becoming the largest and richest of its kind in the world. Carcoar was not on the railway line until , when the Blayney—Demondrille railway line , which is an extension of the Main Southern Line , was constructed. In general, contact ore bodies are very irregular in form and size, and are separated by zones of altered rock. Several dykes of mica-lamprophyre intersect the granite mass and have been met in many places in the mine workings. In the sulphide zone, below water level, gold is associated commonly with either iron pyrites or mispickel arsenopyrite , and to a less extent with galena, copper pyrites chalcopyrite , zinc blende sphalerite , pyrrhotite, and stibnite. Edward Hammon Hargraves returned from the goldfields of California in January, , impressed by the resemblance of the geological formations of the goldfields of California with those of the district around Lewis Ponds Creek, near Orange, which he had visited 17 years previously. Victorian Railways broad gauge line from Wodonga was extended to Albury station in The underground Eastern Suburbs railway was completed to Bondi Junction in North Coast line[ edit ] Main article: These should be prospected across their whole width. It is estimated the total production of alluvial gold from Adelong Creek and its tributaries at and below the township of Adelong to its junction with the Murrumbidgee River, to be in the order of 13, kg. The stream may be destroyed altogether by its valley being filled with lava usually basalt and forming what is known as a basalt-covered deep lead. Several reef mines operated in this area and produced much gold. The ore and solution are contained in open vats or rotating barrels, the chlorine gas being evolved either in a separate generator or in the barrel itself. The section from Maitland junction to South Grafton was opened progressively between and The Sydney Railway Company encountered many troubles: Settlers[ edit ] The original occupants were probably the Wiradjuri Aboriginals. These operations may expose the reefs or veins, which supply the gold. An example of this is the ore bodies found at Lyndhurst and Yalwal. Impregnations in igneous rocks such as: Owing to local conditions and variations in the rate of flow there are, of course, exceptions to this general rule. There were a number of several lines of reefs worked within this area.

Blayney new south wales

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Private railways[ edit ] A number of private lines were built to connect the South Maitland coalfields discovered in with the Great Northern Railway at East Greta Junction near Maitland.

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