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Belarussians speak both the Belarussian and Russian languages which share a common Cyrillic alphabet but have very different vocabularies interchangeably, and don't prefer one over the other. Most records from the 19th century are incomplete and many gaps remain in our knowledge. Many Belarussians were not particularly happy about the break from Russia in ; some continue to support communism. These records were acquired for us over many years either from archivists in Kaunas formerly Kovno or Vilnius formerly Vilna , the Braslav historical museum and by a number of local Jewish researchers hired by us for that purpose. A few also became Emdur. During the first partition of Poland in , part of Braslav district was incorporated into Russia.

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The first known written documents in Yiddish date back to the 's. Being assigned to the large Jewish bakery which we also saw; it is in a state of disrepair was considered a good job, as it offered the hope of receiving a piece of bread. People aren't starving from lack of food here, but they lack the nutrients found in diets that include a variety of food. After the Cossack revolt of against Polish landowners and gentry, Cossacks joined with the Polish peasantry and murdered over , Jews, mostly in Ukraine and southern Belarus, but did not advance north to the Grodno region. She said it was a shame we hadn't visited a couple of years earlier; Elli surely would have known the fate of the Yankel Eisen family. At the end of the 18th century, the former town looked like a village, but with an inn, two churches and some shops. In later years, just before World War II, Jewish and gentile children studied together in the same schools primarily by force of the government. But Shtetl life is now truly extinct. Along the way, we have acquired considerable data about many other Amdur families as well. Surprisingly, very little has changed. Most records from the 19th century are incomplete and many gaps remain in our knowledge. Elli and Ludmila had children who are now grown and who have left Amdur. They were not rebuilt; that side of the plaza was turned into a park. When did our ancestors move from Indura and was it one or more than one who came? Grodno's population at the end of the war was about 25, At times during the 18th century, Amdur was the meeting place of the "Council of Four Lands," a Jewish self-governing body that met for two weeks each year and wielded considerable power among the large Jewish community in the areas that now constitute Poland, Belarus and Lithuania. Again, this was our first visit to an ancient eastern European Jewish cemetery, and we found it all at once awesome, eery and fascinating. The Jews from the German empire brought the Yiddish language with them to eastern Europe, and it was ultimately adopted by all Jews of the area. In the 13th to 15th centuries, large numbers of Jews from Germanic lands in western Europe migrated east. Nearly years ago, when the Second Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed, some Jews migrated north to Turkish lands and assimilated into Turkish societies. There were a number of other smaller synagogues before the war, along with other Jewish institutions, including a hospital, that are now used for other purposes. Right in the middle of town, near the "soviet" and churches, is the very large abandoned synagogue. A very small number of Jews who had survived the war returned to Grodno and surrounding towns. In , it was mostly the soils of Belarus, not Ukraine, that were contaminated by Chernobyl's nuclear power plant explosion. We still require a large number fo tests to be done as there are still many branches which we cannot link to and the results of the tests will allow us to narrow the area of genealogical research.

Bros before whoes

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We have used a variety of archival documents in our research, including the Polish census of the Jews of Indura, a Braslav Jewish census, many other censuses and other 19th century documents such as Rabbi, tax, voter and conscription lists. Needless to say, I was surprised.

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