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The Report a Problem website shows most subscriptions, except those for Apple services and iCloud storage charges. They are the most unprofessional and rude managers I have ever talked to. I know how hard I have tried to remove this charge on my end from day 2. Compare your purchase history with the charges on your statement To view and search your purchase history, click or tap this link: They drag your case so days go by and they claim you are responsible for not pursuing your case. I went under my "purchase history" and cancelled the subscription. I will see it when my statement comes next month," she said. Deleting an app doesn't cancel a subscription.

Call itunes about charges

To contact Apple Support, click or tap this link: I also called the bank and disputed the charge. She uses her card for purchases on Apple's App Store, she said. I know how hard I have tried to remove this charge on my end from day 2. As soon as the charge appeared, I initiated canceling it on my phone, realizing this was not what I intended to buy. Advertisement Advertisement "In early July, we detected and investigated unusual transactions on 58 cardholders' accounts. Deleting an app doesn't cancel a subscription. That is a lie since I have been calling since day 2. All of that happened end of May and June and I am still writing and calling with no resolution. She was also told that her credit card may have been used for online purchases other than Apple, resulting in the fraudulent transactions, said the victim. She discovered the transactions on the previous day after receiving an SMS notification from the bank informing her that her credit card limit was left with "less than 30 per cent". Sometimes the charges appear on your statement a few days after the purchases were made. I have called several times, written several letters and argued my case with several managers since the charged appeared in May. Tue Aug 14 Then I followed up by calling iTunes to make sure I was not paying for that. Thank goodness Spotify has begun to carry podcasts, so that I can at least attempt to enjoy them. However you cannot move your downloads into your computer's folders, or other parts of your computer, and you cannot exercise possession of the items, even though you paid for them. I wouldn't be surprised if they quit adding it to computers, as it seems like they've quit supporting the app already. Oh look at that - it just cut out again. Shopping Bag If you see 'itunes. Any Any A link has directed you to this review. When it does quit, it does so without any memory of what we were just listening to, and does not even remotely try to reload the episode, making me have to stop what I'm doing and restart the episode from the beginning. We value your privacy. The company also highlighted its support page for customers to report any problems with purchases made on iTunes. Upon confirmation that these were fraudulent transactions, we deployed the necessary counter-measures and are currently assisting the affected cardholders via the chargeback process," said Mr Vincent Tan, head of credit cards at OCBC Bank. If you can't remember if you have another Apple ID, we can help you find out.

Call itunes about charges

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How To Get A Refund From The Apple AppStore Step by Step Instructions

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The managers are rude and unprofessional and they tell me there is nothing they can do because it has been over 60 days since the charge appeared!!!

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