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Minor leagues[ edit ] Lasorda's first off-field assignment with the Dodgers was as a scout from to Macklemore is all about all things Seattle, but there no doubt that his Seahawks always come first on that list. Jerry Seinfeld — New York Mets There is a whole laundry list of superstar celebrities in New York City who regularly reveal themselves as basketball, baseball and football fans. During the Western Conference Finals, one of our panelists noted that he was one of the few big names in the lower bowl to don the Lakers t-shirts they handed out before the game. Dodgers outfielder Chris Taylor has camped next to Utley in the dugout during games and says Utley has the "best baseball IQ I've ever seen" when it comes to predicting pitch sequences or ferreting out pitch-tippers.

Celebrity draft dodgers list

Last spring, Peter Gammons wrote about how Utley once dressed up like a bat boy and delivered fresh balls to home plate to remind the umpire that Kershaw was being squeezed and needed those borderline calls. While at the plate, Vladimir Guerrero lost his bat while swinging, and it flew towards Lasorda, causing him to fall backwards, but Tommy was unharmed. His 61 postseason games managed ranks fourth all-time behind Bobby Cox , Casey Stengel all of whose games took place during the World Series in baseball's pre-divisional play days , and Joe Torre. Coliseum to watch the Rams. He led the team to the Caribbean World Series title in Venezuela with a series record of 5 wins and 1 loss. But his influence in the Dodgers' clubhouse resonates in a way that statistics could never measure. And I've learned so much about the game. During Utley's peak in Philadelphia, reliever Chad Durbin observed that Phillies players made sure to run out balls and tend to the fundamentals because they didn't want to "disappoint Chase. He also managed in four All-Star games. So there's my honor today. But now, I sit next to Magic. Just look at the video below. There was one game against the Spurs a couple of years ago, in the playoffs, when there were seven Academy Award winners sitting courtside. Explain that to me. It's not enough for us to drop her from the Top 10, but it's also why she's only No. Doris Day Yes, Doris Day. While David Ross earned raves as the lovable, avuncular leader of the World Series-champion Cubs, Utley has always been hesitant to share much of himself for public consumption. Lasorda managed nine players who won the National League Rookie of the Year award. See what he had to say about being a Lakers fan. Pinterest Khalifa is unapologetically outspoken in her love for all teams repping the DMV and rooting for all her local teams. And the numbers reflect the toll of age, time and injuries on his bat speed. Of course, many of those MLB fans stick to the sure thing and root for the Yankees. Marshall's MySpace page yes, she has a MySpace page lists her interests as: You can take the fan out of the city, but you can never take the city out of the fan. Seager continues to file away those scraps of guidance and insight every day. He makes everybody else bear down on the finer details that he pays attention to, and he's enlightened people on what those details can mean. Seriously, the man has dumped money into so many different minor league teams he could have put together his own division.

Celebrity draft dodgers list

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And while the Mt. Garcia, who has had season tickets since the early '80s, now watches his beloved team from his seats in the fourth row opposite of the Lakers bench.

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