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Their sole purpose is to annoy all the above types of people, preferably all at once. And throw in a liberal amount of winking smilies for good effect too. Find your target's name. Too Much to Read — Too much content on a site can be overwhelming, repetitive and boring. The Art of Copycatting[ edit ] It works best in rooms where cliques have formed and there are regular users. Ok, the story's finished now. Chat Avenue — it is time to upgrade! It is assumed that because these people tend to live in a world of their own IRL , in the chatroom they will police themselves. Thanks for cybering bbz!

Chat avewnue

To be fair, the site does have an extremely large and loyal fan base — so they must definitely be doing something right. How does that work, we wonder? Scout the room, looking for the most popular 'chatters. To confuse the users of the chatroom even more, log out after the first escapade, and log back in, claiming how disgruntled you are that someone is copycatting "you. The Art of Copycatting[ edit ] It works best in rooms where cliques have formed and there are regular users. Cybering keyboard sex is about as commonplace as Herpes is IRL. If this message is copied and pasted several times into the main chatroom the victim can expect at least 50 new contacts on their IM within minutes, each one as disgusting and perverse as the other. Teh Gamer - A minority in the grand scheme of things, and only really found in Game Chat. Adult Chat[ edit ] Where grown-ups talk about serious things like bills, income tax and Hello Kitty 's bid for global domination. Wait for them to log out. The Troll - Although rare, trolls can be found spamming the chatrooms. Sign-up to stay in touch with The Big Fling. The ASL Stalker - Similar to the Pedophile, but more persistent and attracted to anything with a central nervous system. This tactic works best if the girl has morals, that way, she will be doubly disgusted. Let the e-drama commence! User Experience It has to be said, that the interface of the chat service itself is outdated and in dire need of a facelift. Type in the name of your target in notepad, then click on the on-screen keyboard. There is no need to provide any contact details, or any form of identifiable information. It's home to the 'serious' user of Chat Avenue, those that actually want to make e-friends. They are apparently always open and contactable via their online contact form, or through their social media channels. College Chat contains a slightly lower concentration of pedophiles due to the dwindling numbers of prey. Annoying Noises — This chat service does contain quite an annoying noise every time a message is received. It may be best to wait a while before logging in as your intended victim so it doesn't look that obvious. Copy paste the new extended name in the "Nickname" box in whatever chat-avenue room you're going to and have fun. However, it does have a specific mobile-user targeted chat room. The layout is clean and simple, but the use of graphics needs modernising badly.

Chat avewnue

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Paedophiles Exposed Chat-Avenue Experiment

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Types of Chatroom[ edit ] Screenshots say moar than words.

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