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He is also moderate to good with other pets. When the pup reaches adult size, the weight will be approximately 12 pounds. How is he with children and other animals? He can have a high pitch bark of the Chihuahua while also having the howl of the Beagle. The long haired variety is thought to be a result of breeding the short haired with long haired dogs like the Pomeranians or the Papillons.


He is a big personality though and is a nice mix of active but also a lap dog. The Cheagle if more like the Chihuahua can be aggressive to other dogs and may not be as good with small children. Also make sure if there are younger children that they are supervised when they are with your Cheagle and that you teach them how play with dogs nicely. Bathing should happen when he needs it but make sure you use a shampoo made for a dog as people's shampoos are not good for their skin. He is also very loving to his family, loyal and protective. Is he hard to train? Other information He is an alert dog so makes a good watch dog, he will bark to alert you of any intruders. If you examine Beagle Chihuahua mix pictures closely, you will see that this cute dog has the head of a Chihuahua with ears and tail that will resemble those of a Beagle. Advertisement He is quite active for a small dog and loves to run around a yard, or at a dog park. When the pup reaches adult size, the weight will be approximately 12 pounds. Today the Beagle is a sweet, funny and gentle dog that can also have a strong naughty streak. In most cases he has a mix of colors but sometimes solid colors can happen. Sometimes breeders will breed multi-generations so the parents could both be Cheagles or one could be Cheagle and one a Chihuahua or Beagle. What does a Cheagle look like He is a small dog at just 9 — 14 inches tall and 9 — 20 pounds in weight. He is also moderate to good with other pets. To get a better feel for the temperament and type of dog you might get in a Cheagle here is a look at the history and personalities of the Beagle and the Chihuahua. In the s the short haired Chihuahua was discovered in a Mexican state called Chihuahua, which is where the name comes from. By the s small beagles called Glove Beagles were popular amongst the nobility. Eventually in the s we can see Beagles more like the ones we know today. His coat is short and shiny, coloration can vary but common ones include brown, cream, black, white, tan. He is also quite playful and loves to play games. With consistent training done in a firm and authoritative manner he can be trained though and he will certainly not take longer to train than most other dogs. He will also need eyes checked weekly, ears cleaned by wiping once a week and his nails clipped. Training and Exercise Needs Is the Cheagle very active? They try to out think those around them and sometimes food rewards are the best way to entice him into training or obedience!


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Early training and socialization are important with Cheagles as with any dog. They were brought to America in the late s and the AKC first registered one in

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