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Leave a Comment Confident people think and act confidently. Affirmations are simply positive statements about your qualities and abilities and goals that are true about you or that you reasonably want to be true about you. Sample Thank You Notes: Employee recognition is a powerful motivator. Each day after practice and after competitions, record your thoughts about your performance and how your thinking influenced what occurred. Then include that in your thank you letter.

Confidence boosters

I have to tell them it's not me- it's Harriet's Employee Morale Tips newsletter! I have shared your newsletter with several of my colleagues over the years. I love taking the shot when the game is on the line. One employee may be a great problem solver, another is always willing to help out in a crunch, another has a smile that lights up the room, another may have made great progress, etc. I even have my supervisor looking forward to what my question might be. Examples of statements that are not as strong: Notice any negative thoughts that run through your head before, during or after performing a skill or participating in a practice or game. If you recognize that you were feeling doubtful or scared or overly nervous, make note of it. Over time these thoughts will start to come to mind automatically and will help you feel more confident. They are all in a very special online Employee Morale Center that has hundreds of low-cost morale boosters that will energize and motivate employees. I have what it takes to make the starting line-up. Make a list of everyone in your office and think of one special quality each has. These sample thank you letters are professional, yet heartfelt. Over 40 certificates to choose from. They all get to guess. I am a starter on the varsity team. These statements would be stronger if you stated them as follows: A big pot of home made chili and salad and an appreciation cake make an easy lunch menu. All statements should be stated in the positive and stated as fact not as wish or want or hope. But consider the impact a personal note of appreciation will make. They are truly motivational and entertaining. I play hard and leave it all on the field. You need something to replace or reframe them instead to build your confidence. I hope to get stronger this year. It is hard to just ignore negative thoughts. I want to be the best runner on my team. Telephone Voicemail leave a detailed message.

Confidence boosters

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