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Do you like it? Once she gets the hang of it start getting more and more imaginative and ridiculous with your stories. What to Talk About With a Girl: Annoying a girl is a good way to start a conversation before you stop reading, hear me out! Does she have a fashion sense that you hardly ever get to see on other women? What are her true motivations? It brings up a feeling of excitement. Or perhaps she quit her job and moved to a beach town to become a whale shark tour guide. Would you like to come over to my place for a drink?

Conversate with a girl

And what you say really depends on where you are at the beach, in a night club, at the gym, etc. What are your greatest passions in life? Ask her for two songs from her favorite band that she thinks you should listen to and ask her what those two songs mean to her. Focus on being grounded and allowing your body to relax while maintaining an erect posture. Let her know that you notice these things and ask her about them. Asking a tame question about her favorite movie, book, or celebrity and then laughing to yourself a little bit at her response actually works to engage her. Annoying a girl is a good way to start a conversation before you stop reading, hear me out! Also, try to relate back to her responses with something relevant from your own life. You see, sometimes being a great conversationalist is like learning to become a mirror. More Tips Every little thing counts. Starting the Conversation Try to avoid making a comment about the weather. And when she tells you these stories let her know that you find these things attractive about her. You may be awkward at first, but embrace it. For example, if you want to engage a girl on the street or in a store, ask her something like: You probably pictured yourself doing those things, and you probably felt similar emotions as when you did them, right? What are her true motivations? When approaching a girl on the go, come to her side before you speak. Just decide on an opening line and let the conversation flow naturally from there. This will make it easier when you see a girl you want to speak with because you will have already been talking with other people in the room. All great seducers understand this. Everybody thinks about their dreams — but not everybody gets to talk about those dreams. There are a lot of emotions, fears, and doubts involved. What made you decide to study here? The key here, again, is to ask for more than just an impersonal list of travel destinations. They can lead to amazing stories and tons of emotions, as well as unique ways to relate to each other. These types of conversations will get her imagination firing on overdrive and put her in an uplifted emotional state; both feelings which she will start associating with you.

Conversate with a girl

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Women love to talk about themselves.

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