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Examples of this service include educational information e. A health and behavior assessment e. When treatment options are reviewed, she is receptive to the recommendation of an eight-week group cessation program. Cognitive and behavioral approaches for cessation of smoking and initiation of an appropriate physician-prescribed diet and exercise regimen are also employed. The patient is considered by his physician to be a type A personality and at high risk for cardiac complications. A possible treatment plan scenario may include the following: The patient is seen by a behavioral medicine specialist.

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The typical group size for this service is considered to be 8 to 10 patients and the typical time is 90 minutes. Both parents have not been able to go to a movie or dinner alone, because they know of no one who can care for the child. Now six months following discharge the patient has injured her knee and has undergone arthroscopic surgery with follow-up physical therapy. Second, the assignment of a work value for the services indicates that these are procedures that should only be performed by physicians, psychologists, or other qualified health care professionals. However, his prognosis is guarded. The patient is seen by a behavioral medicine specialist. Behavioral observations were also made during the procedure using the CAMPIS-R, a structured observation scale that quantifies child, parent, and medical staff behavior. A clinical description of the code is as follows: Test results from original assessment provided information for treatment planning which included health and behavior interventions involving a combination of behavioral cognitive therapy, relaxation response training and visualization. For additional information contact Dr. The patient is seen initially to address issues of pain management via imagery, breathing exercises, and other therapeutic interventions to address quality of life issues, treatment options, and death and dying issues. On the day of a scheduled medical procedure, the child completed a self-report distress questionnaire. The patient may be taught relaxation and distraction techniques to reduce the tension she experiences with finger sticks and injections. The Health and Behavior Assessment Intervention Codes are assigned to the Medicine section of the CPT code book and are not considered mental health intervention services. A review of the records from the initial assessment, testing, and treatment intervention, as well as current medical records was made. Tony Puente at Fifth, the development and application of the codes allow for the treatment of the biopsychosocial factors important to physical health problems and treatments that in many cases will greatly facilitate improved health for the patient. Clear communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills are taught. Family members practice applying these skills to a variety of problems so that they will know how to successfully address new problems that may arise in the future. She smokes two packs per day. The case has been designed to represent the typical patient. This re-assessment may or may not be conducted by the clinician who conducted the initial assessment of the patient. The resulting code values are utilized by CMS and other payors to assign reimbursement rates for the codes. First, it represents clear recognition of the value of cognitive, behavioral, social and psychophysiological procedures beyond the traditional mental health realm. Purpose of the Codes At the present time Calendar year six 6 CPT codes have been developed for health and behavior assessment services. CPT developed specific definitions and guidelines for the codes and the application of the codes to clinical practice. This example illustrates the application of health and behavior intervention techniques as required for the appropriate utilization of the code.

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The typical group size for this service is considered to be 8 to 10 patients and the typical time is 90 minutes. The typical amount of time for this service is considered to be 90 minutes.

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