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Typically, the ropes pass between the labia majora [2] or deeper through the pudendal cleft of the vulva. A crotch rope can be either pleasurable or tortuous depending on the individual and how tight you tie it. There are still males here that have no issue with the word bottom because in their minds, they are ON the bottom while the rigger is on Top. You can attach the end to a harness, or hands, or hair, or even keep it in your hand if you want to have a direct effect on how tight the rope is or how it moves in any given situation. Crotch ropes are fun on women as are breast cupcake ties. Very, very useful when the biology is such that the person in question has either an overly protective hood or a smaller clitoris; I have it on very good authority that it makes it a hell of a lot easier to get off reliably.

Crotch rope for men

A pillow which is both reasonably firm, yet still soft enough to bend. Pegglind Participant I am very new to rope bondageā€¦i have spend some time reading , looking at pictures.. The line then passes down beneath the crotch, and then comes up between the cheeks on the other side, and then beneath the waist wraps. Le Jardin d'Aphrodite, a drawing by Franz von Bayros showing a woman with a crotch rope Combination with other techniques[ edit ] Combination breast , elbow , and wrist bondage with crotch rope Sometimes, a crotch rope is combined with other bondage techniques, such as breast bondage or elbow bondage. They are less about decorative ties that flatter their physique and more about the functionality of the tie being solid and inescapable. You can actually vibrate the taut line with a vibrator, and the rope will transmit the vibration to where it does the most good. For both the person riding, and for the person watching or otherwise interacting with the rider, this can make for a very, very good time. A wall-powered vibrator; I highly recommend the Fairy Wand version, but a Hitachi will probably work just as well. Knots can be tied in the rope to apply specific pressure to the anus or clitoris. For a more detailed explanation of the mechanics: On men, try the perineum. Ditto for height disadvantage, person volume and strength factors. Now things get interesting. Take your pillow, and roll it up into a cylinder. It sucks and drives male bottoms that I respect to play in private even at kink events. A nice tight line with a knot in it. How tightly you do this is up to you; different people will have different preferences with regard to tightness. Once you tie them up, they tend to stay tied. I learned new things, in addition to having a spectacular time. Muscular men are going to have issues with flexibility as the trade off for bigger muscle bulk is less range of motion. They can work well as an element in predicament scenes; and one of my favourite things is to have someone wear a crotch rope under their clothing when we go out together -- when tied comfortably, it can provide a gentle reminder and sexy stimulation to gradually get someone wound up over the course of hours. Quite a few I know love the fact that their bondage makes them appear stronger and more masculine. I was wearing the following: The ropes may be wrapped tightly around waist and tied off in front, fed down across the genitals, then pulled back up behind and tied to other cords wrapped around the wrists, doubling as a cinch to tighten them further. Typically, the ropes pass between the labia majora [2] or deeper through the pudendal cleft of the vulva.

Crotch rope for men

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Bondage for men

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You can have event organizers and other folks act with less respect and consideration. Since I am a bit vertically challenged, the men I have practiced with needed to kneel while being tied not that they minded.

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