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Notes better angel 3 ] Compare Othello: In the same way, only those who know or have been taught the Spiritual laws can explain what things—material and spiritual—truly are. Note too what the Poet says further about 'one angel in another's hell' which he may not 'directly tell'. But there are other vices mentioned in the above quotation which are just as bad, or worse than pride. Sweet thief, whence didst thou steal thy sweet that smells, If not from my love's breath?


To read about the problem of Good and evil, read If God is good why does he allow evil? This book is an intense spiritual adventure for the sincere seeker after Truth and a treasure-trove of wisdom and comfort for every kind of reader. He who does not know error cannot appreciate Truth. When occultists state that the material world and everything in it, is an 'illusion' it simply means that we do not see material things as they really are. Depending upon which of these two selves has the upper hand, so shall we gravitate to the Light, or to the darkness; the choice is always ours. These two paths, one leading to the Light of Truth and the other to the darkness of ignorance, were well-known to the anonymous writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls, two thousand years ago, for in them we may read: And for that riches where is my deserving? Sweet thief, whence didst thou steal thy sweet that smells, If not from my love's breath? Moreover, even the atom, which not so long ago was confidently thought by science to consist of a solid 'bit' of 'something' the nucleus around which revolved one or more other 'bits' electrons is now shown to be mainly Blavatsky describes the beginning of this awareness in the same book when she writes: But in order to obtain that wise conception there must first be a dwelling and searching in the dark of ignorance and pain: You can read more about the path to the Light in several of our articles which compliment this course. I am glad thy father's dead: But we would hesitate to call this a path, for it implies that it has a destination and the only one we can think of is nowhere! For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds; Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds. Shakespeare describes their opposite natures very well in the Sonnet we have quoted in this article. Such are 'blindness of eye' and 'dullness of ear', for these prevent us from catching even the slightest glimmer of Truth. Blavatsky describes the path to the Light most truly and eloquently when she says: The material world is very 'real' indeed as anyone who has ever stubbed their 'illusory' toe against an equally 'illusory' stone will know to their cost. The lower self 'slays' the REAL by convincing us that all that we experience by means of our physical senses and intellect is the only 'reality' we can ever know. I love to hear her speak,--yet well I know That music hath a far more pleasing sound; I grant I never saw a goddess go, My mistress when she walks, treads on the ground; And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare As any she belied with false compare. We may put it another way by saying that there are two ways open to every one of us; one leading to the Light of Knowledge and Truth and the other to the darkness of Ignorance and illusion. We can do it by reading fine literature or sublime poetry. Each 'mind' or 'self' is thus the 'slayer' of the other. In our next article we shall examine the dangers for the unwary and uninstructed seeker who enters what has been rightly called the Occult Jungle. Any redistribution or reproduction of all or part or our content in any form is strictly prohibited. The Mystery of Shakespeare's Sonnets.


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We may add that we do not know a single wise man or woman and we know many who has not been through this process, for we learn most from our mistakes and not our successes. We can do it by reading fine literature or sublime poetry.

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