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Funny truth questions would be anything that gets you or the other person to chuckle a little. Keep it up for 48 hours. These sexy dares are intimate and should only be used by trusting and consenting adults. Examples of Would You Rather questions: Do you prefer a long cuddle or a steamy make-out session? The third rule of a dirty game of truth or dare over text message is to never get too crazy and carried away with your questions, whether they be truth or dare questions. Accent imitated can be either persons choice. Some are embarrassing, some are hilarious, and some are downright dirty foreplay.

Dirty dares over text message

Imagine your pillow is me. The point of this dirty version of a teenagers party game is to have fun, learn a little about someone else, share about yourself, and for everyone involved to laugh and feel sexy. If you are playing a dirty game of Truth or Dare, you may welcome that decision! What is the best prank that you have ever pulled on someone? If you are old enough, the two of you can also choose to play the drinking version of Never Have I Ever. Just because you and your friends are no longer teenagers does not mean that you have to give up the game of Truth or Dare. Many of these questions are not meant for a large group of guys and girls. In fact, it can be even more fun. What celebrity do I most remind you of? Take a pic and send it to your siblings or parents with no words. Record a sexy dance for me and send it to me to watch. If you could make out with any celebrity, who would you choose? Of course, you can always turn up the heat with a few slightly dirty dares mixed in. It can be great for friends or couples and can be especially fun to play with your crush. Ideal locations would be in a bedroom or hotel room if one of you is traveling which is the perfect time to play this game with your partner! Dirty Truth Or Dare is supposed to be a fun game, and no one should walk away angry or with hurt feelings. I have never had three orgasms in one day. We will both touch ourselves, but the winner is the person who can last the longest. What three words would you use to describe me? The sexy dirty truth questions. Choose wisely, and have fun! Close your eyes and scroll through your gallery. Enough talk, let's get sexy! Truth questions and dares should never hurt anyone else, including outside people involved in a dare task. What is your best pick up line? If you could whisper anything in my ear right now, what would it be?

Dirty dares over text message

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Texting time part 3 truth or dare

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Sometimes it is much easier to do the dare than to answer a truth question in a game.

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