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If your interested in the Ios version of the client, as always there is This page on The Applevis site And for more about Marty Schultz and the great collection of Blindfold games for Ios you can Check out The Blindfold games website here With a friendly atmosphere, great sound effects and frequent updates, the Rs games client is well worth looking at for some free, multiplayer gaming fun. If not they'll reply "go fish" and you'll need to dip into the draw pile. As in Uno, each turn players must discard a card, but must also pick one up. All the usual stratogies are supported here, trading, buying and selling and morgaging to the bank, pluss you can use the intigrated chat system to discuss business deals with other players. The object is similar to Pig, pick out dice from a cup and then reroll in order to get to 13 brains. One of the most famous casino games and one of the easiest to pick up and play.


A very recent cardgame somewhat resembling Apples to apples, but with a rather different twist. As in Uno, each turn players must discard a card, but must also pick one up. Additionally, you can check out Jeff Rutkowski's guide Which details even more information about this popular game client. A great way of playing with the chips you earn from games like shut the box and blackjack. After rolling to see who goes first, each player must roll their six dice and achieve a score. Numbers are then called such as B5, G64 or O17, and when a player's number is called they can put a chip on that square. Each player gets a 5 by 5 card, with the columns labled b i n g o and a random selection of numbers in the lines. The well known parker brothers board game of chance and economics. The highest score wins either round or the match. To play, simply create an account from the first rs games client menu, if using the official client sounds and such will automatically download along with bug fixes , log in and get started with your game of choice, and choice is what the client has a lot of. When you decide to stop rolling, your points are banked, and the first to or whatever point limit the game master sets , is the winner. Each player is given several cards with nowns on. Similar to Threes, roll six dice and choose which to keep. One unique thing about the game is many of the answers are from pop culture, including Darth Vader, Captain Picard, or Mr. The object is to bank scores up to ten thousand over successive turns, so the risk of farkling is a considderable one. Each round one player the judge , picks a card with an adjective, and each of the other players selects one of their nown cards. The classic card game of memory. When all six are kept you must have at least one one, and one four, then you score the total of the other four dice. First to twelve wins. Played with a standard pack of playing cards, the object is to collect all four of each suit. However, all cards are played face down and so you don't have to match the round card. The client has an in built chat system which you can use to talk to other players, and as of the most recent version now has a voice chat system as well for those who own a microphone. A rather backwards variant of Uno played with numbered cards. Players submit their most amusing or creative answer, and the judge picks the best, giving the person who dealt that card one point. Bet on the spin of the wheel just like in a casino choosing whether the fickle little ball will land on red black, odd or even, a high or low number or even risk all your chips on a single number if your daring. You can play with either bots or humans online, and there are a hole bunch of pieces available all with unique moving sounds and several board configurations and currency types too.


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All of these games are quite playable with any version of the client including the brouser version , and best of all, all are totally free as well, though you can donate on the Rs games main page and donations are well recieved.

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