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It is noticeable that the US has numerous acronyms and slang terms relating to gun-shot injuries. Non-English Although online medical slang dictionaries are primarily from English-speaking countries, non-English medical slang has been collected by Fox from elsewhere. P stands for "palliative and provoking": Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff, who hit his head on a chandelier while shaving. This has the benefit of being able to send more fluid into the body cephalosporin - an antibiotic cesarean section - surgical delivery of a baby through the abdominal wall champagne tap - a successful lumbar puncture with no red blood cells found, which means it is as clean as possible. More malignant programs use it to embarrass residents and their mistakes. Doing the Twirly - circling the drain about to die Donorcycle - motorbike:

Doctor lingo

Chart Biopsy - check chart for other depts' plans on the patient Chart Dehiscence - drop patient chart and everything falls out. It is used when cardiac trouble is suspected vecuronium - see norcuron venipuncture - the drawing of blood from a vein ventricular septal rupture - rupture of the ventricular septum caused by mechanical failure of infarcted cardiac tissue verapamil - a calcium channel blocker prescribed for angina pectoris, high blood pressure, and supraventricular tachycardia versed - a benzodiazepine muscle relaxant used to sedate, often in conjunction with the paralyzing agent pavulon vitamin H - ER shorthand for haldol V-fib - ventricular fibrillation V-tach - ventricular tachycardia W WBC - abbreviation for white blood cell count, used to determine how many white blood cells there are in the body to defend against bacteria wheezer - an asthmatic patient, or any patient having difficulty breathing Whipple procedure - a pancreatotomy, where the distal stomach, gallbladder, and duodenum are usually also taken out during the surgery, and they usually leave a little of the distal pancreas behind. Blood-Brain Barrier - surgical drapes Blood Suckers - those who take blood samples, e. The ventricles are very sensitive during this period and life threatening arrythmias can occur gomer - ER slang for "Get Out of My Emergency Room" and is a derogatory term for geriatric patients with multiple complicated medical problems gorked - ER slang for unconscious as in "gorked patient". Green is walking wounded; yellow is urgent; red is critical; black is DOA distal pulse - the pulse farthest from the heart diuresis - the increased production of urine diuretic - drug used to increased diuresis, ie lasix diverticulitis - inflammation of the colon DNR - the abbreviation for do not resuscitate, which is requested or ordered for terminally ill patients DOA - abbreviation for dead on arrival dopamine - a catecholamine neurotransmitter, similar to adrenaline. Term used to the describe the usually vain attempt to answer the question: The broken glass severed four tendons and an artery in his right arm. Paninvestigram - order all the tests; for when you haven't got a clue what's going on Pan-man Scan - Whole body scan e. The first level is a burn in which both the epidermis and the underlying dermis are damaged. Capillary refill refers to the return of the nail bed to pink color. While its use may be declining in the medical profession, several dictionaries of the slang have been compiled on the internet. The term EMS is used in the American Heart Association protocols for BLS and ACLS EMT - abbreviation for emergency medical technician endocarditis - inflammation of cardiac tissue, usually caused by bacterial infection endoscope - a long flexible tube with its own special lighting epi - adrenaline, used to make heart beat faster and raise blood pressure epidermis - the outer layer of the skin epidural - an epidural block; an injection through a catheter of a local anesthetic to relieve pain during labor, usually done at the lumbar level of the spine epiglottitis - inflammation of the epiglottis epinephrine - adrenaline ETA - abbreviation for Estimated Time of Arrival F Feldene - a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug piroxicam prescribed for arthritis and other forms of joint and bone inflammation fentanyl - a short-acting morphine like narcotic analgesic of high poitency, often used in conjunction with other drugs. Loose Change - dangling limb in need of amputation. Positive Suitcase Sign - patients who are repeated admissions for prolonged periods with no physiological cause of their problems. It is joked they go to hospital with their own pillows ready for admission Pillow Therapy - describes the urge to smother annoying patient aggressive euthanasia, tontine treatment. Often used by nurses and medical technicians requesting help cleaning up an unexpected bowel movement. Hollywood code - see Slow Code HONDA - Hypertensive, Obese, Non-compliant, Diabetic African-American HOP - house of pain nursing home Hope'n'Scope - exploratory laparoscopy where you hope to find no disease unless you're the student, in which case you hope to see something interesting Horrendoectomy - a long and painful procedures Horrendoma- an awful unknown disease Horrendoplasty - A god-awful surgery with a probable poor outcome e. Inbreds - doctors whose parents are also doctors Incarcaphobia - patient is hypochondriac prisoner who prefers hospital to jail cell Incarceritis - becoming dubiously ill when arrested or in court Incidentaloma - a usually benign mass needing removal found on a scan while looking for something else entirely Infernal Medicine - Internal Medicine department Insurance Pain - Neck pain secondary to a minor car bump Insurance Whiplash - Neck pain secondary to a minor car bump Interesting Case - A patient transferred from a non-specialist hospital who is an unmitigated disaster with no accompanying chart or documentation International House of Pancakes - neurology ward full of patients usually stroke victims all babbling in a different language. This has the benefit of being able to send more fluid into the body cephalosporin - an antibiotic cesarean section - surgical delivery of a baby through the abdominal wall champagne tap - a successful lumbar puncture with no red blood cells found, which means it is as clean as possible. Good cap refill is two seconds or less capoten - see captopril captopril - an antihypertensive and ACE inhibitor prescribed for high blood failure and congestive heart failure. For example, chest pain can be caused by many diseases or conditions, and each one must be ruled out to arrive at the correct diagnosis digitalis - a drug prescribed for congestive heart failure dilantin - an anticonvulsant drug used to prevent seizures diplopia - double vision disaster protocol color coding - the following color tags are used to immediately triage patients during a mass casualty event: It is used during surgery to increase cardiac output and renal blood flow DTP - a diphtheria tetanus pertussis toxoid injection dyspnea - shortness of breath dystocia - difficult labor due to some fetal problem, such as dislocation of the shoulders E ECG - electrocardiogram. Doing the Twirly - circling the drain about to die Donorcycle - motorbike: It may also be used among medical staff outside of the hospital. Is it stabbing and knife-like or dull and throbbing?

Doctor lingo

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Taken by feeling palpation the pulse pancreatitis - chronic or acute inflammation of the pancreas pancreatotomy - surgical removal of the pancreas papilledema - edema of the optic disk, often indicative of increased intracranial pressure paresis - partial or slight paralysis path urine - urinalysis pavulon - trade name for the muscle relaxant pancuronium bromide. It may also be used among medical staff outside of the hospital.

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