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Reading a few reviews on other online dating sites and forums, I notice the following: It lists some of the most popular websites among its 5 worst, including: Every last feature on the site that costs something- can you list them please? I know, empirical evidence like this doesn't fly on WP, so I'm not going to add this to the article. Most consumer reviews, for example here , are either very negative or very positive. Warren urges to think clearly before making the super-significant commitment. How does the matching software work? Members find it frustrating when matches don't reply.

E harmony wiki

Because, some of us have been on countless dates using your magic algorithm and ended up with total duds. Who exaclty is lobbing these criticisms against eHarmony? Many people claim to have been "matched" with wholly inappropriate individuals, including criminals. As a result, an admin protected this page and I hope in the mean time for the interested parties to work through this on the talk page. It seems to me that this describes how recently that member logged in and did anything with their eharmony account. Later to find out that you don't get refunds for early cancellation and not using their site anymore. This all adds to the criticism that eHarmony's dimensional matching algorithm might not be all it claims to be. If you cannot understand this and follow wikipedia policy then you would appear to be a biased individual, simply trying to put forth your own claims and beliefs which wikipeida clearly is not the platform for. It is one thing to sue a company, it's entirely another to be proven right in the court. Warren then returned to eHarmony as CEO in due to conflicting visions concerning the future of eHarmony. On another note, prior to this discussion I did not know about the bold, revert, discuss page. The last time I was on eHarmony they found "0" matches. True story - there are too many marriages out there that end in divorce - or worse, miserable marriages that seem to last forever and annoy everyone involved. Spending over half an hour answering personal-information questions only to receive a message saying eHarmony cannot provide the person the service. Without a source, we don't know. I removed the material, as it might be controversial, and could be heresay. I don't back away from that. An editor which is using different IP addressed on each edit is insisting on a critisim of eHarmony for acquiring two domain names without using them. It would appear that having a born again Christian founder, and the lack of liberalness, this site is not for everyone. And even if a judge decides that eHarmony is legally wrong, this leaves open the question of whether they are morally right or wrong. I am not the arbiter of whether it is right or wrong for eHarmony to do this, but neither is Wikipedia. The customer service phone number is He attended the University of Chicago. So there's little point in viewing them. Building upon his research and writing on the subject of building strong marriages including his book, Finding the Love of Your Life , Warren and Forgatch started eHarmony in as a web-based method of matching singles with compatible mates for marriage.

E harmony wiki

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eHarmony: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Members find it frustrating when matches don't reply.

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