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Try to find an alternative stress reliever. If you always seem to have an itchy or runny nose, seasonal allergies could be to blame. Half the group would then need to eat their boogers and half would not. Sometimes, picking the nose but not necessarily eating boogers may seem like a more convenient way to clean out the nose versus using a tissue. What are the risks of eating boogers?

Eating nose boogers good for health

Just as you're about to take a trip across the monkey bars, you spot something that changes your mind. Each booger contains pathogens specific to the environment and circumstance of the booger creator. Make tissues more easily available by keeping them in your pocket, bag, and desk drawer. However, Scott Napper, an associate professor of biochemistry at the University of Saskatchewan, in a humorous attempt to engage his students, suggests that eating boogers may actually have some helpful effects. And, gulp, eats it, too. It certainly doesn't seem sanitary. Sometimes, however, this mucus becomes gummy and gelatinous -- or hard and crusty -- and forms what is known colloquially as a booger [source: Second, the nose picking may be a way of relieving anxiety. This time, you're at the park, not for exercise, but for some mental recreation. Could eating boogers build up your immune system? Taking over-the-counter medications, such as loratadine Claritin or cetirizine Zyrtec may help to reduce the incidence of runny nose and congestion, which cuts back on the number of boogers. So why is one guy out there urging us to do it? William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University points out that we swallow nasal secretions all the time, especially when we sleep, so eating our boogers is unlikely to offer any more immune system strength [source: Boogers are made of the mucus that lines the nostrils and, along with the tiny hairs known as cilia, protect the lungs from foreign objects such as germs, dust, dirt and pollen. Then, for each group, Napper would compare their immune responses against the molecule. Most of the time, the cilia trap these minute invaders, encapsulate them with mucus and move them out of the nose. Nose picking and eating boogers, also known as mucophagy, has traditionally been met with looks of disgust. Sometimes a person can benefit from therapy to retrain their behaviors or even medications to reduce compulsive thoughts and behaviors. In theory, the body could build up an immunity to the bacteria in this mucus and then be more equipped to fight against future illness-causing bacteria. Although as of yet, Napper's not been able to gather enough volunteers for the study, he does contend that snot has a sweet, sugary taste that could predispose humans to consume it. However, some scientific experts suggest otherwise. Mucus, or boogers, is a naturally protective part of your body. It's not a great idea to pick your nose, as you can cause it to bleed. Some chronic nose pickers may also experience nosebleeds as well if they pick so much they affect the tissues inside their nose. There's an emerging hypothesis that contends eating boogers may be good for you. By catching dust, bacteria, viruses, and dirt before they get into the respiratory tract, mucus in the nose can be protective.

Eating nose boogers good for health

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Make tissues more easily available by keeping them in your pocket, bag, and desk drawer. According to an interview with CTV-News Saskatoon , Napper says that eating boogers exposes the body to mucus that has trapped bacteria.

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