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Fortunately, re-collimation is an easy job that can be done in a matter of minutes or seconds. Multi-coated optics have optical solutions on all lenses that are exposed to air, but generally do not offer colour correction removing false colour that is as good as fully coated optics several layers of coatings on all lenses. Polar Alignment is done by lining your telescope exactly or to within half a degree or so is usually good enough with the north or south pole respectively, depending on which hemisphere you are in. These two functions are huge advantages to computerized telescopes. The front lens es by the way, are called the objective s , which generally means the primary optical device s. The light rays converge at a diagonal prism or mirror, that reflects the light rays up through the eyepiece. Some scopes are best suited to the Moon and Planets, others for deep space objects. They are over 15 years old now, but still deliver in my humble opinion outstanding views. Celestial co-ordinates, or the position of an object in the sky is given in right ascension and declination co-ordinates.


Virtually any type of telescope can be attached to either type of mount. Bases There are three kinds of bases commonly available for mounting a telescope on: He could hook us up with one of his pals! The biggest aperture telescopes are made by companies specializing in large sizes, or are home made. Whereas altazimuth mounts only move in altitude and azimuth, equatorial mounts can function in a similar way, but are used almost exclusively in right ascension and declination. Here's Ed showing off that he has friends in some high places well For terrestrial viewing, the image actually appears upside down, and perhaps inverted right to left. At first, we genuinely thought that this was Ed's dad. A tripod is illustrated in the refractor picture below. And tbh, who wouldn't want to be mates with Elmo? Now we are ready to discuss telescopes proper. The are fundamentally three different kinds of telescope, classified by their optical arrangements, with each kind having various subtypes. The pier is also very solid, especially if the base is on concrete. The mount is what connects the telescope to the base. While they can theoretically achieve high magnification, the images stink. As far as things go, astronomy is generally done with binoculars and of course, telescopes. Refractors use their objective lens to focus incoming light to a point. But first, let's take a selfie! Movement in altitude and azimuth means the telescope has an altazimuth mount. Tripod This is without a doubt the historical type of mount for amateur astronomy. The only downside to a computerized telescope is the cost. Seriously, Ed is like staring into this child's soul. And saving the best for last Ideally, you want a field of view as wide as possible: Do you fancy hanging out with Ed? The telescope can move up and down be moved in altitude , and be rotated left to right be moved in azimuth.


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Declination allows a telescope to follow the rising and setting of an object.

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