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I do not remember ever learning any science, except for mathematics. It has been my good fortune to have been involved in the education of scholars and leaders in every area of chemical research, and especially, to have contributed to the scientific development of many different countries. I am very proud of the many graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from all over the world who have worked in my research group. Our second son, John, graduated from Harvard A. Organic chemistry was especially fascinating with its intrinsic beauty and its great relevance to human health.


If you thought fiction was hard to believe The stereoelectronic ideas which emerged from this work are still widely used in chemistry and mechanistic enzymology. My personal scientific aspirations can be similarly summarized: From her I learned to be efficient and to take pleasure in a job well done, no matter how mundane. As a result of the success of this research, I was appointed in , at age twenty-seven, as Professor of Chemistry. My eclectic short stories and essays have graced prestigious journals and magazines on a variety of platforms. I had many superb teachers at M. Recent projects include contemporary Western mysteries and audio books of the first two installments of the Jacobus series, "Devil's Trill" and "Danse Macabre," in which I also perform the music. From Les Prix Nobel. At Harvard my research group grew in size and quality, and developed a spirit and dynamism which has been a continuing delight to me. My research interests soon evolved to include the following areas: At least I had been lucky enough to have seen him just two days before. I do not remember my father, but all his friends and associates made it clear that he was a remarkably gifted and much admired person. Uncle John died in , and too soon afterwards, in , my aunt passed away. Since joining BCG in , Elias has focused on helping clients in the financial services and insurance industries using the power of data and analytics. Please try your request again later. The pace of discovery accelerated. And in I published my first memoir, "Symphonies and Scorpions," a rare insider's view of the world of a touring orchestral musician, set against the backdrop of historic concert tours to China by the Boston Symphony. I enjoyed all my subjects there. An effective big data approach is no longer just the responsibility of IT; the entire business must undergo transformation. However, when my aunt, who was much stricter than my mother, assigned a household chore, it had to be taken seriously. Our second son, John, graduated from Harvard A. My grandparents on both sides, who emigrated from Lebanon to the United States, also knew how to cope with adversity, as Christians in a tragically torn country, under the grip of the Ottoman empire. He was previously a partner with Bain and the Mitchell Madison Group. I continue to expand my literary horizons even as I continue to perform around the world as a violinist.


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It had to do with the application of molecular orbital theory to the understanding of the transition states for various reactions in three dimensional i. I'll let you in on a little secret.

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