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It's a linguistic thing. Such as the time Saruman sauntered up Mount Doom unhindered by either team and casually touched the Ring to the Crack. Inside the Cracks of Doom, he catches up with Frodo, just as his master puts on the Ring and claims it for his own. Sam realizes what Frodo is up to, and intercepts his master just as Frodo is casting off to cross the river. Gandalf discovers that Saruman has betrayed the Council and seeks to claim the Ring for himself.


The bearer of Vilya, one of the Three Rings. Gwaihir the Windlord Lord of the Eagles, and a friend of Gandalf's. Frodo escapes from his clutches by putting on the Ring, and decides to leave for Mordor on his own, right away. When the Rangers capture Gollum, Frodo bargains for his release. Naturally, this leads them to the conclusion that Sauron has the Ring. In the early part of the story, they pursue the hobbits from the Shire. They bid each other farewell and swoon. They arrive in Dunharrow the afternoon after Aragorn left. Merry and Pippin show up to wish them bon voyage, and to keep Sam company on his trip home. Bilbo is baffled by this attitude. They are pursued by the forces of Sorhed, betrayed by the evil entrepreneur Serutan, and trapped by Schlob Sorhed's bloated ex-wife. In answer, she removed her helmet, exposing her long blond hair, and declared, "No living man am I! The goblins sometimes ride them like horses. Gandalf attempts to hold the monster at bay while the others flee, and falls into a chasm, dragging the Balrog down with him. Frodo, however, is not a happy camper. On a subsequent trip down the tunnel, Bilbo gives evasive answers to the dragon's questions, and accidentally leads the dragon to believe that he is a native of Lake-town. The defrocked wizard makes some dire utterings about the Shire, then goes along his way. Bilbo returns home, accompanied by Gandalf. The object of the game is fairly simple: In Ring Game slang, defeating someone in combat is called "bouncing" them. Each citadel has a designated time before which it cannot be attacked. If you are defeated in battle, the opposing team can plunder your tokens, except when they can't. The War of the Ring ends on Frodo's front porch. Back at the battle, Sauron's forces suddenly lose heart and make a break for it. He finds Boromir dying. Faramir leads a sortie against the evil host, and is wounded by one of the Black Riders, who you will recall are now riding on flying beasts. After a couple of years, he and Sam ride off to the Gray Havens, where the Elves routinely ship off to Valinor, never to return.


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The Return of the Shadow Sixty years after the events depicted in The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins throws a huge birthday party to celebrate his th birthday, as well as the 33rd birthday of his nephew and heir, Frodo Baggins. It seems that the remaining Ring-Bearers are all going to leave Middle-Earth and sail to Valinor, where they can find peace.

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