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Cangku Shisi The Warehouse team discovers that Valda guest star Mark Shepard has escaped from Paracelsus's alternate universe and is attempting to move the Warehouse to China, using Claudia's comatose sister Claire as a puppet Caretaker. Usopp separates from them but later, when Sanji and Franky are spotted, a man named Sogeking comes to their rescue. Therefore, Franky has the real blueprints. Some Makoto and significant Sera development. Nami rushes to tell Chopper so they can go looking for the rest of the crew. The two soon realize that not only is Usopp missing now, the two brief cases that were returned to them are empty!

Episode 272

Back in the Rocket Man, Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Chopper get an outfit change; Nami shows off the weapon Usopp upgraded for her while he was still with them. In Franky's underground hideout, Usopp tells him his story and Franky is finally touched. Character development and some elements introduced for the first time. Introduces Kaitou Kid and Nakamori Ginzo. Endless Terror Picking up where we left off, Claudia and Paracelsus face off inside the Warehouse but Paracelsus manages to flee back in time to the 9th century. More minor character development with shades of preparation for episode 7, and the manga version includes and reveals some important info about Gin and Vodka, but the anime changed this by replacing them with one-off characters for some reason. They both spoil each other heavily, so maybe watch whichever is more important to you first. Usopp separates from them but later, when Sanji and Franky are spotted, a man named Sogeking comes to their rescue. Luffy actually seems to pose no threat but all the while, he's remembering what great friends they used to be, sailing together on the same ship. Franky says that the ship was inhabited by a spirit who enters ships who are dearly cared for. A man hands Nami a letter he found from Sanji. Introduces Hakuba Saguru and the origin of the long-standing rivalry between Conan and Kid. Detective Chiba and Miike development. As the train connects with the tracks, Luffy has to rescue Chimney before she's thrown off by the wind. Also relevant to Shuuichi. Kaku returns from the Going Merry and tells them that their keel is irreparably damaged. A Black Organization-related series with big development for Amuro, Subaru, and basically all of the FBI characters of any significance. In Iceburg's room, Robin and the mysterious man Iceburg saw before, tell him that they've purposely placed the blame on the pirates. Introduces some minor recurring elements that will be referred to countless times in the future. Haibara and Sera development with a bit of important Subaru and Amuro; build up for the following big event. Pete, Myka, Artie, Claudia and Steve must race across the world to stop Valda before he becomes too powerful. Secret Service Pete and Myka return to Washington DC, to investigate a series of victims drowning on dry land where they run into a pair of fellow Secret Service agents with a surprising secret - a secret which forces Myka and Pete to evaluate where their own relationship has taken them. He quickly disposes of the crew and CP9 tie up Paulie and Iceburg, leaving them alone as the building slowly burns down around them. Kokoro gives Luffy a map to Water 7. Elsewhere, Luffy is tied up with Paulie after Paulie tells members of CP9 that his blueprints are fake.

Episode 272

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai - Ep 272 - Full Episode - 20th September, 2018

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The four of them challenge the Franky Family only to find out that their real target, Franky himself, is gone and has taken the money with him. But, if you only want to watch one over the other, pick DC.

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