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Waves of energy hit Battle 7 and prove to be too powerful for even the pinpoint barrier to withstand. Film to give prominence to an actor, famous event, etc in a film or of an actor, etc to have prominence in a film The first episode, 'Fleet of the Strongest Women', the Macross 7 fleet encountered a fleet of uncultured Meltlandi led by Chlore, an ace pilot rivalled by Milia. Although a tiny number of world class Scrabble players have managed to learn all of the four letter words almost perfectly, most players settle for something less. When the chambers are safely folded away, all the ships in the fleet fire their Reaction Weaponries. Eventually they are rescued. Another plot element is the "Mind System" used to power the weapons in the tournament. Finally, he and Gigile find her inside an active volcano.


When Sivil is awakened, the volcano suddenly begin to sink into the ocean. The story focuses on the fleet's encounters with an alien force called the Protodeviln , and especially events surrounding a rock and roll band called Fire Bomber , consisting of Basara Nekki lead singer , Mylene Flare Jenius seventh daughter of Maximilian Jenius and Milia Fallyna Jenius , Ray Lovelock , and full blooded Zentradi Veffidas Feaze. Amongst the volunteers for this mission are the entire Sound Force. Geperuniti even goes against his own kind, killing Zomd and Goram. The townsfolk he encounters say a monster lives in the mountains, which causes Basara to investigate. The Space War which followed with this race of giants, known as the Zentradi, nearly devastated the Earth. At this time the military found out about Sivil being in the forest section of City 7 and takes her away to be studied. Basara tries to revive her, but she accidentally drains him of his Spiritia, putting him into a vegetative state. In the ensuing battle Gigile takes on his true form, and begins to sing Basara's music. A property of linguistic units or forms: Gigile rampages in his Battroid in an attempt to find and rescue Sivil. As the story progresses, weapons are added to the equipment and it becomes a one-on-one combat tournament. Together with Sivil they sing to Geperuniti until he also begins to sing. Bringing along the crystal-like chambers containing the Macross 5 people, Basara's music was turned against him - as his music would serve to regenerate the Spiritia of the captured Macross 5 people, which later would be extracted from them to revive the Protodeviln twins. The Sound Force were deployed and Basara and Mylene started singing. September, - The gigantic Megaroad-class ships were replaced by the first of the super high-capacity New-Macross class colonization ships, whose fleets were capable of carrying up to one million colonists. On the surface, the system converts the emotions of a person into energy but the true functionality of the system is hidden until late in the story. Basara begins to sing and drives them mad. Chiba discovers that Basara's singing creates what he calls Sound Energy. Battle 7 was destroyed and the crews flee to safety. The story revolves around a sport called "T-Crush", similar to roller derby but with air blades hovering roller blades and fighting. Trash[ edit ] Macross 7: Eventually the enemy infiltrates City 7 and begins extracting Spiritia from civilians. Another plot element is the "Mind System" used to power the weapons in the tournament. In generative linguistics, any of various abstract entities that specify or combine to specify phonological, morphological, semantic, and syntactic properties of linguistic forms and that act as the targets of linguistic rules and operations.


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Trash takes place in the Macross 7 fleet early during the year of Macross timeline.

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