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Joseph Plantation also have a number of original dependencies on the property that you can see. All the plantations houses are at least partially furnished and all contain at least some antique pieces, but few have many original furnishings. Nottoway Plantation is the largest antebellum mansion in the American South. The statues of the slave children and angel memorial at Whitney Plantation are quite emotionally powerful. Ormond Plantation — This plantation offers rooms in the main house and includes breakfast. This is not a flashy Greek Revival mansion so it would likely not be a great fit for those looking for the most photogenic grand plantation homes. Which plantations have tour guides in costumes? Most of the plantations have gift shops. Nottoway Plantation is perfect for those day tripping from Baton Rouge and looking for a grand plantation house.

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Below is a map of the River Road plantations. Many of the other plantations have antebellum buildings on the property for viewing that have been moved from nearby plantations or reconstructed buildings using period-consistent techniques, including Magnolia Mound, Oak Alley, Destrehan Plantation, and San Francisco Plantation. Most of the rest of the plantations have only small gardens or no gardens at all, but most have landscaped grounds and majestic oak trees. If you are planning to stay a night or two along the River Road, there are a number of accommodation options. For those interested in slavery, a special tour focused on slavery and plantation life is available but must be booked in advance. Plantation restaurants are not typically open 7 days a week so do check ahead. Currently only takes reservations by phone. Best plantations for history buffs? Breakfast included in restaurant and dinner can be arranged. It is currently run and maintained as part of the larger resort and conference center that are also on the property. Each plantation has its own website that will offer all you need to know about admission prices, tour times, whether tickets can be booked in advance, closure dates, restaurant openings, lodging booking, contact information, etc. Which plantations offer places to eat? Oak Alley is the most photographed of the plantations and the shot of the oak alley framing the house is stunning; however, just about everyone takes this photo. Houmas House has the most impressive gardens. Joseph, Whitney , and Laura was almost entirely rebuilt following a electrical fire. If you are interested in visiting the busier plantations, best tip for avoiding huge crowds would be to get on the first or last tour of the day. The history of the plantations here spans the time when Louisiana was held by the French, Spanish, American, and Confederate governments, making for some interesting history. It also includes French pieces from the same era. On the day we visited, we were the only visitors for the next tour but we were joined as we started by another couple. You can also call ahead and ask the best times for a given day as big groups have to schedule in advance at most of the plantations. Joseph Planation is about 30 miles away. Nottoway Plantation is perfect for those day tripping from Baton Rouge and looking for a grand plantation house. The guide was very knowledgeable about the house and the furnishings. We have created the following FAQ to help readers decide when to visit the Louisiana plantations, how to visit the plantations, and which plantation s to visit. Houmas House Plantation and Nottoway Plantation were probably the most grand with the most opulent furnishings. Most travelers have limited time and budgets, and it can be difficult for visitors to narrow down which might be the best fit.

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