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He knew if he ignored Wainwright's wish for him to surrender that the hostage troops and civilians at Corregidor could be massacred. Indeed, the Colonies were used until the s as a place of exile for convicts. Charles Everett Wainwright Jr, your compiler, was the youngest child and only son. This was a difficult time for the New England colonies. A Cargo Lighter unloader by trade, He speculated in real estate in , and in and he was sued for default of several loans. Many considered Wainwright's surrender to have been made under duress and many ultimately joined the guerrilla movement led by Colonel Wendell Fertig. There are several possibilities.

Fort wainwright county

Sharp was placed in a difficult position. Thomas enlisted in the Rowley, Massachusetts Militia. Their oldest son, Charles M. The Wainwright family experienced the inevitable tragedy of every Gloucester fishing family. Simon had three wives and five children but only one son, John born to Ann Pierce in As a temporary lieutenant colonel , he was assigned to occupation duty in Germany with the 3rd Army at Koblenz , Germany , from October until It had been expected they would fight on as a guerrilla force. Throughout this ordeal, the family was forced to live on the donations of fellow transit workers. Sharp's surrender proved problematic for the Japanese, although Sharp and many of his men surrendered and suffered as prisoners of war until liberated in He later played with Edgar and Dorothy Dame Rogers in a small ensemble. Wainwright was promoted to colonel in , and served as commander of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment until , when he was promoted to brigadier general in command of the 1st Cavalry Brigade at Fort Clark, Texas. Homma refused to allow the surrender of any less than all the troops in the Philippines and considered the troops on and around Corregidor to be hostages to ensure other forces in the Philippines would lay down their arms. Last Updated 03 June, T he family name Wainwright originated in the midlands of England and comes from the old English Waegnrig meaning "wagon maker". He was lost aboard a fishing schooner in Elizabeth and her husband raised young Hannah with great affection, and after the death of Hannah's husband John Wainwright, they took in Hannah's young daughter Mehitibel. The fishermen owned shares in these boats, making it a communal affair. In the end, on May 10 Sharp decided to surrender. Charles Cyril, born in , and Sarah Elizabeth, born in March Learn how and when to remove this template message After a year as an instructor at the Cavalry School at Fort Riley, he was attached to the general staff from and assigned to the U. She was a second cousin of the great Unitarian Minister and author Edward Everett Hale, and a distant in-law cousin of the Honorable Edward Everett, Governor of Massachusetts and brilliant abolitionist orator. Because of its strategic position as gateway to the New England frontier, this fort was heavily defended against possible attack by the French. As he related the story, Rear Admiral Wainwright made time to visit our family when he visited Gloucester and recounted our family connection. Both are buried in Everett Massachusetts with the Ferrier family. It reflected the high morale of American arms in the face of overwhelming odds. Charles Everett, my father, was born in East Boston. Many considered Wainwright's surrender to have been made under duress and many ultimately joined the guerrilla movement led by Colonel Wendell Fertig. There are several possibilities.

Fort wainwright county

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Their descendants in turn moved to other sections of the country, one to the south, from which branch, Lieutenant-Commander Wainwright is descended.

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