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Keep going in a circle until someone says "Does He? When the timer goes off, anyone who still has beer in their bottle has to either pour it over themselves or complete a dare. First to set up the game, clear off a table and set a cup in the middle with the deck of cards placed around the cup in a circle. The first person to get a king chooses one liquor vodka, rum, etc. It would never work for an all-out banger. If your glass gets hopped, you have to drink it. Freeze This is another funny drinking game. Coming up with good truth questions is sometimes hard, but it will make or break the game! The things you'll need are 24 shot glasses and a checker board.

Fun and easy drinking games

If wrong, the player remains and the next person takes a turn. The dealer can lay a third card over the first two and players with a combination of those three cards may give away a total of eight drinks. To play spread the cards out on the table and have each of your friends take turns drawing and reading one. The player must take a drink themselves 4: Flip, Sip or Strip This is a perfect one for you and your significant other. The things you'll need are 24 shot glasses and a checker board. Flip Cup Flip cup is played by dividing your group into two teams, with equal players on each team. You put a large glass of beer in the middle and surround it with smaller glasses of beer, one for each person. Have them each write something they have never done on two of them, and something they are guilty of on the other two. The rest of the cards are spread out in the middle of the table. If the puck hits your net, you drink. The starting player tosses a quarter onto the box. Players sit around a table, each with their plastic cup of beer, placed at the edge of the table so that there is a circle of cups around the perimeter of the table. I work too much? All female players must drink 5: Click on the right to purchase or click on the picture above for more details and a peek at a few of our Truth or Shots questions! It should be something that is bound to be said or done at least a couple of times, but not one that will be said every other sentence, or done too often. The last player to do so must take a drink 8: To have a Power Hour, you will need to find a Power Hour mix. Before you start the game you must know what each card stands for: Beer Pong Beer pong is practically a right of passage for all college kids. The person with the most fingers pointed toward them takes a drink. Keep going in a circle until someone says "Does He? Players sit in a circle, each with their drink. Even number — take a drink.

Fun and easy drinking games

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Top 10 Drinking Games

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They then have to flip their cup without touching the sides of the cup.

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