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We can't think of a better definition of a great soundtrack. But for proof of his greater subtlety, listen to the music during the heroine's earlier flight from the law. Whether at a Brooklyn ballroom or Studio 54, disco delivered participatory escapism, and it hardly mattered who provided the beat. Until '84, America knew Prince as the raunchy Minneapolis groove-crafter behind hits like '' A simpler expression of comfort amid fear than ''My Favorite Things''? Cue ''The Sound of Silence'' as Benjamin rides a moving walkway to his uncertain future or ''Scarborough Fair'' as his romantic dreams crumble.


It's unsettling, then, to realize how ''Oz'' almost turned out. It was the first real soundtrack album ever. All that changed with Mike Nichols' gently satiric swipe at the establishment and the emerging counterculture. That must be without music. Those first three eggheads might not have seemed the likeliest trinity to end up slumming with barrio boys, but their Manhattan-based update of ''Romeo and Juliet'' was a musical zenith that Callas and the Crips could both enjoy. The resulting film was an exhilarating fusion of the backstage musical and postmodern absurdism. It's not so much foreboding as sad -- mourning Crane even as she caroms toward her fate. Is there a more inspiring anthem than ''Climb Ev'ry Mountain''? Until '84, America knew Prince as the raunchy Minneapolis groove-crafter behind hits like '' Prior to this, no one had taken the actual soundtrack from a film and transferred it to disc -- or discs, we should say, since the original release was on a set of three inch 78s. Superfly - Curtis Mayfield A textbook case of a soundtrack that artistically dwarfs the film that spawned it, Curtis Mayfield's opus is a testament to the powers of a musician at the top of his game. Thus it came to be that a generation of Vietnam-hardened hippies was suddenly grooving to ''Green Onions,'' turning a double album full of artists who'd been bypassed by the counterculture into an unlikely retro smash. And it's no mystery why; these 12 tracks -- featuring Jimmy Cliff's spiritual and sweet ''Many Rivers to Cross,'' the rude-boy menace of his title track, and the Maytals' ''Pressure Drop'' -- are as heartfelt and urgent in their own gentle, loping way as anything coming out of the States at the time. If the final product feels seamless, credit the brains, heart, and nerve of E. Or maybe you're just one of the few who has never seen Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi classic and had your classical-loving world rocked by his marriage of 19th-century music and 21st-century imagery. When Kubrick dumped the score he'd commissioned from Alex North and decided to use his own temp track as soundtrack to ''the ultimate trip,'' he ensured that few would ever again listen to ''Also Sprach Zarathustra'' without thinking of space babies. Mayfield's music imbued the blaxploitation quickie with a moral pulse, taking aim at the scourge of drugs in the inner city. Nearly every character was near a radio tuned to Wolfman Jack. A few weeks ago, these earnest themes seemed outdated. That was still the case in '73, when George Lucas asked ''Where were you in '62? Rodgers and Hammerstein's final work first won fans on Broadway. But it got sun-drenched and bronzed when director Fred Zinnemann chose to shoot the film on location in Arizona. In , the Beatles had already taken over our radios and TV sets when they decided to commandeer our movie palaces, too. A Space Odyssey - Various If you hear ''The Blue Danube'' without immediately picturing gleaming spacecraft doing cosmic cartwheels, you have far greater powers of dissociation than we do. Even though half of it is devoted to a mood-music score, this landmark introduced ''youth music'' to grown-ups' movies, the reverberations of which are still being felt. Cue ''The Sound of Silence'' as Benjamin rides a moving walkway to his uncertain future or ''Scarborough Fair'' as his romantic dreams crumble. Someday more princely formats would come, but there's a good reason why this chestnut is perennially in print:


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It was the first real soundtrack album ever.

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