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The reader does not need to be informed of this change. Group items in the key list in the following order: Partially Filled-in Table on page A colon separates headings from table entries. This table does not have a specified number of rows. The transcriber's note can be on the page before the table. When more than one blank row is provided in print for possible answers: The bar graph is presented as a table.


Do not divide a row between braille pages. When the techniques for shortening column width do not create enough additional space, another table format is used. The following table is read across facing pages. At the discretion of the transcriber, order of occurrence may be used in certain situations. Stairstep Table Format Partially Filled-in Table on page This omitted section is indicated with an ellipsis. When both of these are present, place the transcriber's note after the title if the title is inside the box or after the top box line if the title is outside the box. Do not repeat row headings on the right-hand page. Listed Table Format For column headings with multiple entries, use margins for the heading and margins for each entry. Continue this format until the first row is completed. Numbers beginning with 0 may appear at the beginning or the end of the numerical list, depending on context. Insert a transcriber's note containing the key list below the table title or top box line. Use the full width of the two pages, usually 80 cells. Place the closing transcriber's note indicator after the last column heading. Columns follow one another in this order: Include this in the transcriber's note with the column headings. Repeat the row headings for each section of the table. When a column entry has multiple paragraphs, indent the second and following paragraphs two cells to the right of the margin, e. When neither of these appears in the text, place the transcriber's note before the body of the table. Explain the original format in a transcriber's note. The top box line serves as a locator on the right facing page and must be followed by column headings on the next line. Place the closing transcriber's note indicator after the last item in the key list. Part of the table is omitted in print. These repeated labels may be omitted if doing so will allow the table to fit on the braille page.


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Partially Filled-in Table on page Repeat the row headings for each section of the table.

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