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The beach was nearby the UNSC base where she and John were both stationed, but far enough away so as to guarantee a little bit of privacy. She had always found him to be… intriguing, and in so many ways, but now she had this intense and unmitigated desire towards him. Not a bad kind of weird, but a good kind. Cortana groaned in frustration. In short, skills that were valuable in a war. Slowing his pace to a brisk walk, John muttered under his breath, occasionally tossing in a swear word. He knew all about them, of course, but he just did not know how to use them. John knew that she was getting closer to the edge, and he could simply tell that she wanted it so badly. In fact, when he was out of it, her desires became all the more peaked.

Halo sex pics

Fortunately, things changed after one day on the beach… HER As she made he way across the dunes, Cortana breathed in the crisp and salty air wafting in from the crashing waves. Not that surprising, since his augmentations had reduced his sex drive. Just as John came to this decision, he crested the top of a sand dune, and was met with a sight he could not have predicted. It made him feel like a clumsy, idiotic teenager. He was supposed to be able to handle anything, and yet he could not even tell the woman he was in love with that he cared about her greatly? Through their close proximity, Cortana could feel John's hardness pressing up against her, and her mind reeled with the possibilities even as her lips and tongues battled for dominance in their passionate kiss. And as much as she wanted to bring the topic up with him, she had no idea how to do so or how he would possibly react. Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. Slowly, she stood up, keeping her body close to his. John immediately felt his manhood grow hard at the sight. Cortana wrapped her toned legs around John's waist, bringing him in further, deeper. But now it was John who was doing it to her. John broke away from the kiss and gave a grin. Cortana shook her head. Soldiers were not exactly wanted now, so the time had come to pursue other goals. His fellow Spartans could only shake their heads in frustration. One in particular was a woman who was still new to the human experience. She remembered it from that time when she was alone in the shower. But an unexpected occurrence had been that seeing Cortana as a human, gazing over the perfect form of her new body, hearing the sound of her voice, and just being near her, had awakened something inside him. Hell, I've heard the other Spartans and even a few of the ODST guys have been running a betting pool as to when we finally got together! Exactly, numbnuts, the voice in his head taunted him again. And if you choose the latter, you can be damn sure that those feelings are going to make you regret walking away from this moment. She was meant to infiltrate computer systems, sort information, translate data, and the like. It was just her, John, and the passion between them. This caused John to lean his head back a little as well, closing his eyes, and feel the waves of pleasure that this little, yet amazingly powerful, woman bestowed upon him. Obviously, he had been working out. Looking at John, she knew he was approaching his end as well, and the pleasure within her had reached a point where it could not be contained much longer, so she let go and let herself be taken over the edge.

Halo sex pics

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It wasn't because of the improvements in coding technology As much he wanted to pleasure, he did not want to hurt her.

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