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The Cobalt had a check engine light for fuel system issue. After taking it it, the computer technician says the snapshot has completely fried my computers brain and I need a new one. At first, I thought my battery dies. Tickets cannot be exchanged or re-booked. I stayed a night in ICU, a night in high dependency ward and a night in normal ward. Furthermore, my guests had to wait for me outside my house. So over the problems this program causes.


Limit of four 4 Industry Packs per order. This pain, I could only wait for time to pass. One especially infected building was still having spontaneous breaks over 15 years after installation. Also, I've noticed that it's taking a few more secs for my car to turn over on a cold start. The car has run fine the last 2. The other SnapShot device is in a Mercury Sable wagon which is being serviced in a garage. So much incovenience and much time and money wasted due to this Jose B. I told her I can not believe they are still marketing it when they are fully aware it is causing so much damage!! I plugged in snapshot in mid December, it would beep when I was driving and not even close to braking. The Jetta about 3 days after I plugged in the snapshot started having issues shifting I took to dealership and they said it needs the transmission computer replaced. I have had it scanned at a dealership no resolution as to what else may have caused the malfunction. My break lights are out. I said 7 because I thought 10 is GoT Reek level of torture. Two batteris are having to be replaced. Now, there are now problems with the transmission of the wagon. Here are some estimates regarding breakage: My car wouldn't shut on when I initially started the engine. I don't blame HER, Progressive must be pushing this I will see if the Grand Marq. Took to dealer ship and they had to replace the cluster lights and the relay. I have spent too much money on an alternator and diagnostic test due to the device! I called into work and went to have a new battery installed. Well, it continues to shut down on me while I am driving! Two days after I installed the Snapshot in my T-bird, the battery went dead. Did not drive it at that time.


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They are reimbursing me for my battery and will review my diagnostic readings to determine if it is result of snap shot Now that I have my power steering fixed, the snapshot isn't being plugged back into my car.

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