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Until then, try to keep an open mind and open heart. In other words, why do we waste our time with issues like this? No-one on this forum so far has denied the existence of hermaphrodites, so, fundamentally we all agree. Physically, I could not ask for a more exotic and perfect body. This is a very informative article btw.

Human hermaphrodite sex

IMHO, that's just an incredibly infantile conclusion to draw from what was otherwise a sensible post. A few more steps in the development as a fetus and she would have had testes. In my opinion, we should not try to pretend to understand hermaphrodites -- we don't. Hermaphroditic animals—mostly invertebrates such as worms , bryozoans moss animals , trematodes flukes , snails , slugs , and barnacles —are usually parasitic, slow-moving, or permanently attached to another animal or plant. To dave, the research I have done shows that doctors have, in fact, been hiding hermaphrodites from general public knowledge though there is no reason to believe that a conspiracy to do so exists. The reconstruction of female genitalia was more readily performed than the reconstruction of male genitalia, so ambiguous individuals often were made to be female. She is everything I could want in a love partner. It is as natural for them to be who they are as it is for us to be who we are. I take my hat off to gio, their comments echo what I would have to say. Lets start by trying to understand ourselves. If they have what one might refer to a "social adjustment issues", it is likely due to how society, including their own family who was supposed to protect them, made their life more difficult instead of accepting them as they are. Individuals with a 46,XX chromosome complement usually have ambiguous external genitalia with a sizable phallus and are therefore often reared as males. AE my friend has ovaries. As far as having sex with a hermaphrodite, this is neither a gay, straight, or bisexual encounter since the hermaphrodite is both male and female. Many of these ideals persist, just look at the arguments surrounding gay marriage. See Article History Alternative Title: Once your reality has been expanded to include the natural existence of hermaphrodites, I hope you consider the many other variations of human beings. In older individuals the accepted gender may be reinforced by the appropriate surgical procedures and by hormonal therapy. If everything in nature was the same we would have a very boring world. In 46,XY male pseudohermaphroditism , individuals have ambiguous or female external genitalia but the chromosomal constitution and reproductive organs of a male, though the testes may be malformed or absent. Body Cancel or over 9 years ago My very best friend is a hermaphrodite. While it may be difficult for any of us to imagine what it would be like to be both male and female in one body, it is not difficult for a hermaphrodite to realize. Many hermaphrodites are like a mule in a sense though, very rarely can they get pregnant reguardless of the exhistance of female organs, simply because the halted development prevents life-supporting elements. Trying to avoid people who are BORN different is just like saying "I dont hang with people who are in wheelchairs" or "I dont roll with blind people" its something you are born with, the same way you are born boy or girl. Some pseudohermaphrodites, or what I'd call cross-gendered women have exiguously sized penises, like Lady Gaga, as hers would barely count, being of such a nanoscopic size. However, intersex surgery has long-term consequences for affected individuals.

Human hermaphrodite sex

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Remember that religion used to pay a major role in society and Western religious teachings only allow for male or female. This statement, however, reveals what is IMHO a terrible, terrible leap, going from the recognition that there is a full spectrum of gender variability in human beings to the completely erroneous assumption that gender "makes no difference.

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