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Drinks were ice tea, pop and coffee. The weather was good that year and the milo crop paid off the land. Here are some pics taken in , the last time I was there. She does not do the computer thing but her son is the local doctor in Boise City. At age 95 she is as sharp as ever and can answer all questions. Her father was a pony trader to the Indians in Oklahoma and could speak and sing the language. After awhile Allen became ranch foreman and they moved to Headquarters and a daughter was born. Allene took over the post office and store in town.

Kerrick texas

It took about 6 hours and all the men were able to clean the frys the night before. I'm not sure what the current population is but it is far from a ghost town. As there was just about 25 of us doing all the work it was remarkable. She does not do the computer thing but her son is the local doctor in Boise City. I guess when all us oldtimers are gone it truly will be a ghost town. One neighbor Virgie Matthews is the official town historian. During the war the store was a thriving business. The menu included besides the barbeque and calf frys, cole slaw, beans and onions, tomatoes, and pickles. I have both cities on our travel list. Allene was cook and also did all the canning for the men, the little boys washed dishes or helped. As a retired military officer I have spent over 14 years overseas and my goal is to see the United States. Virgie was born here in a dugout along with 9 siblings 5 boys 5 girls. Daddy sold his store when he and my mother moved to Kerrville and it was first called The Younger James Brothers Mercantile. We fed all those people in about two hours. The kids all went to college at WT in Canyon. Our house is on the N side of the school building and next door is the oldest house in Kerrick, the Whatly house. I graduated from Stratford High School in We are farmers when the weather cooporates. It has been owned by several people since then but is now vacant. We did this for 12 years until us younguns got old. The second year we fed people. The grain elevator was owned by Cone Donelson possibly others the entire time my family lived there beginning in as far as I know. Bill left school in 3 years to run the ranch in Colorado the family had bought and that is where I met and married him. A character for sure. There are five of us ladies that are the same age, so we celebrate a birthday together every year.

Kerrick texas

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Her father then built the biggest house in Kerrick I wonder why.

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