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Williamson was charged with Transactions in Drug Related Objects. Alleged offender could not be located at time of incident. Greene was charged with Possession of Marijuana and Disorderly Conduct. Parents stated their juvenile son was punching holes in the walls, throwing objects, and threatening to hurt himself. Juvenile was turned over to parents.

Kevin baxley

Complainant stated her ex-husband continues to harass her and make threats towards her. Stolen dirt bike was entered into GCIC. Responding officer was unable to locate female subject in question. Later this date complainant contacted Appling Dispatch and advised that the complainant had possession of her vehicle and did not want to press charges. Complainant stated a pine tree fell on two of her vehicles causing extensive damage. Victim stated his Morkie dog bit him on the nose. Complainant stated her son was making threats to kill himself. Landlord stated his tenants moved from his rental home taking a Whirlpool refrigerator, a General Electric washer and dryer, and two window air-condition units. Complainant stated the subject came home from work and assaulted her by hitting her in the head, pulling her hair, and pushing her down. Investigation led to the arrest of Jerry Perry Arnett age 31 of Baxley. Victim stated he was walking near City Circle and Poor Robin road when a male pit-bull dog bit his leg. She was advised to see Magistrate Court for further legal actions. Jackson was charged with Battery. Complainant was advised of legal options. Complainant stated he fell asleep and lost control of his vehicle. Complainant stated someone has tried to open a credit card in her name. Two horses were found to have been without food for an extended period. Complainant also reported more items that were stolen. Husband left before officers arrived. Complainant stated someone entered his vehicle and took his deer rifle and a pistol. Girlfriend and boyfriend had a verbal dispute. Julian Alonzo Jackson age 44 of Statesboro, Ga. Complainant stated he paid the subject and the vehicle is not fixed. A spent shell casing was found on the highway nearby. Complainant did not want to press charges at this time.

Kevin baxley

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Complainant was advised to see Magistrate Court.

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