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Zak and Wheezie usually don't have anybody to ride them, at least until Enrique comes around. All of these names will boost team morale and intimidate competitors with your obvious wit and punny sense of humor. That's not what makes it this trope though; what does is that the episode very clearly demonstrates this as being a possible solution when the crayon draws clones of himself to help clean a mess. Since there are so many wonderful puns tucked inside volleyball lingo, we think you'll enjoy the creative volleyball team names we've included on this list. The Forest of Darkness is a deep forest and it is, well, very dark. Well, then they'd shrink down to teeny, tiny It appears to be in the southern United States, with a Mexican architectural design and palm trees.

Kickball puns

In the end, they solve the problem by combining their preferred colors to make one big castle. There is a chance that the team name already exists in your league, so just double check beforehand. Dragonberry cupcakes, something Fernando neglected to mention earlier on. Emmy and Max get to ride on the dragons at least Once an Episode. You can use play-upon-words, but direct sexual, drug or alcohol references are not allowed. Vote up your favorites and be sure to add any funny or volleyball team names you don't see listed here! Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The "lost forever hole. The dragons are confused about only finding the kids' backpacks right by the flowerbeds. See Inspirationally Disadvantaged immediately below. Carried by the Host: Most of these team names have been picked from various existing kickball leagues. Also be mindful about names that make religious references. At its core, it's really just a game of Simon Says, but boy does Simon sell it. Almost every episode begins with a street view of Max and Emmy's house. The game starts off slow, but Simon eventually starts mixing in stuff like an elevated level in which the more the group does right, the further they get to slide at the end, the end of the bonus round happening when one of them messes up. They always come when we call for them. Ord often tends to give Max and Emmy a big hug when they arrive in Dragon Land, much to their chagrin, as he's much bigger than them and tends to squish them a bit. Max and Ord begin fighting with each other about which color to use for the castles they were making whilst pretending to be kings. Or maybe browsing these team names will get you inspired when coming up with your own. While the point-of-view shots show fuzzy nearsightedness, Eunice the unicorn a flying unicorn, or alicorn, actually is apparently so blind without her glasses that when Max and Emmy arrive, she addresses dragonberry bushes before turning to them. Dragons Don't Believe in Humans Either: Zak gets spinning stars around his head around the beginning of "Calling Dr. How come Emmy's backpack is here? Most of the leagues have rules that will not allow names that make reference to political elements such as political agendas, issues, officials etc. Floating in a Bubble: The latter is often the tipping point for older viewers.

Kickball puns

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Everyone's running around in spandex spiking, setting, and bunting balls, after all. Also, in "Tails You Lose," Emmy actually wishes herself back home for a while after getting into an argument.

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