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Marr, with the 'Austin' words available here. And in it closed for good. The native of Dallas and Texas Tech grad is a personal trainer and posing coach who manages her own gym. An even larger version of the image is available by clicking the image. And additions, of course! None of it makes sense to me. But do, by all means, view the original eBay image as was offered by vendor 'claudiacaroline' - the card is long sold. And where is 'the site now occupied by the Company' - the word 'now' presumably meaning


I was fortunate to snag Tiffany and bring her to the Studio for your viewing pleasure. Can anybody advise re the origin of what is a truly fine image. Was North Sands abandoned or sold? The only image I have seen so far, related to the yard at all, is an image of Mr. The name of the ship on the pontoon is, however, another matter! Was not an entirely new business started? So when did it 'close'? Via eBay in Jul. The yard would seem to have been known as the 'Wear Dockyard'. Girdwood, was in business from approx. It would seem that the shipyard came into existence way back in ! I read that 'Realistic Travels', run by H. And what happened to it? And perhaps, if it is replaced, consideration might just be given to improving the wording? Rhodes, then a student at S. My source is quite silent on the matter. And where is 'the site now occupied by the Company' - the word 'now' presumably meaning It is a beauty! Long, tall, lean, buffed Sarah certainly looks the part sporting a majestic overall look to thrill and delight you here in the Studio. The reference to 'Mills' is apparently to George and John Mills. Which apparently had a beacon atop of it. So we know roughly the dating of the image that follows. This is more of an offseason shoot with the year-old showing off big, baseball-sized biceps. Another site page offers literature published by 'Austin', photographs etc. Which site was previously occupied by a bottle works which had gone bankrupt. Now we have another 5 clip update showing off all the female muscle allure Eva brings to the Studio. The next image is visually interesting, I think.


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The word 'graving' was used, but perhaps is no longer used, to refer to the cleaning of a ship's bottom, the term being derived, perhaps from a French word which meant 'beach'. Certainly the sign, in the summer of , was in urgent need of repair or replacement.

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