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He was also one of the members of Stakar Ogord's Team in the past. His magic repertoire includes energy projection and manipulation, matter transformation, illusion-casting, mesmerism, thought projection, astral projection, teleportation, dimensional travel, time travel, mystic prisons like the Mystic Globe of Gazan, which placed a specimen in a realm outside of physical space , preservation spells, mystic shields and presumably other powers as well. He sent a psychic message to Hollywood that could lead his allies to the source of their problems. He is represented as a CGI character. Following Charlie's plan Krugarr teleported the Commandeers, the Guardians and the tank into the center of the the Punishers' base and after Charlie rigged the tank's gun to go nuclear teleported everyone but the tank out again and contained the explosion with a spell. Krugarr sent a manifestation of Talon's original form to battle the feral Talon, who defeated his past self and tried to take the amulet, which his past self was wearing from him.


Even so he accepted one of their star-shaped Guardian badges so they could stay in contact with him and he promised to wear it with pride. Even though it enraged him Talon proved his inner strength to Krugarr by staying with him to achieve spiritual balance once again. With Dormammu banished Krugarr teleported back on board the Guardians' ship with Talon and the corpse of the Ancient One. Extratemporal reality , ca. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Guardians of the Galaxy Annual I 19 - Aided by the Ancient One's spirit, who had more knowledge of human physiology, Krugarr helped to save Astro's life. Krugarr declined the Guardians' offer to join their team because his recent appointment as this reality's Sorcerer Supreme made it impossible. Sorcerer Supreme, teacher of Talon Group Membership: Starhawk immediately sent out a summon to Earth, which was answered by the Ancient One Strange and his disciple Krugarr, the Sorcerer Supreme of this era. Krugarr had hoped Talon would eventually understand this. The end result was that Astro's blood would no longer oxidize on contact with air, allowing him to survive without his Adamantium costume. You can help by adding to it. Krugarr is a highly skilled sorcerer who can draw magical energies from other dimensions to perform mystical feats. Hollywood brings him to Krugarr, who manages to save his life. Talon wanted the power of the Amulet back, but Krugarr retrieved the amulet and reminded Talon that possessing the amulet was never about power. Krugarr told them not to concern themselves with him and stop Dormammu at all costs. Guardians of the Galaxy Annual I 52 - When Talon's body and mind were altered when he used the Transmolecular Reconstitutor on board the Guardians' ship Icarus to heal his back he became feral and wanted to use the Amulet of Agamotto to further his own goals. Krugarr greeted his former disciple and protected himself with a mystic shield against Talon's immediate assault. Krugarr sent a manifestation of Talon's original form to battle the feral Talon, who defeated his past self and tried to take the amulet, which his past self was wearing from him. Krugarr sensed hope for Talon if he were sincere and tested his control over his rage by showing Talon the birth of his son Talogan on Haven II Rancor was the mum and she forced herself on Talon. They delivered Korvac to Galactus, who reclaimed the cosmic powers from the infant, then handed him over to the Guardians again, who decided not to kill the infant because he was still innocent. Knowing his days were numbered the Ancient One bid the Guardians farewell and teleported with Krugarr back to Earth to continue Krugarr's training as the new Sorcerer Supreme. He is represented as a CGI character. Krugarr appeared and disappointed at Talon's actions took the Amulet of Agamotto from Talon. When the feral Talon attacked him Krugarr declared him unworthy before teleporting away with the Amulet of Agamotto in hand.


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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 post credit scenes - SYLVESTER STALLONE - THE RAVAGERS

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He agrees to become Strange's apprentice and learn the ways of magic.

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