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If you haven't picked your favorite authors and stories, now would be a great time. By entering Literotica, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to our legal disclaimer. The Voice of Many Waters , featuring brand new tales from your favorite Literotica authors! Please report bugs, performance issues, suggestions, and any other comments in the Tech Support Forum. Story submission[ edit ] Literotica was amongst the first adult sites to be open to story creators, quickly having replaced the usenet erotic story sections. We offer a huge selection of adult fantasies to choose from, and are always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas. Even listening to audio is possible, if you're too lazy to read!

Literotics com

LitTV - adult story videos. The official Lit Twitter has been updated to twitter. The owner of Literotica probably rather spends the earnings of his site on hookers and coke and who are we to blame him? Literotica accepts quality erotic story submissions from amateur authors and holds story contests for contributors. Originally this was through DigiChat 's Java client software, but because of continued cyber attacks, this moved to a Flash-based client. Enjoy the free exclusive-to-Lit anthology Siren's Song: If you see any pop-up ads or find yourself redirected to weird sites while visiting Literotica - or if you just want to check your computer for spyware - click here to take our new Spyware Browser Test. Don't forget that Literotica now offers streaming full-length movies where you can pay by the minute at Literotica VOD. Alright, I admit, sniffing your sister's dirty panties was another option. Please help us test the Literotica Android App. Members of the message boards, also known as 'Literoticans', 'Litizens' or 'Litsters', sometimes meet in what are known as 'Litogethers. Literotica chat[ edit ] The site also provides a series of chat rooms. Other services[ edit ] The site has also published collections of stories under a "Best of" banner, and makes income through ad sales, and links to webcam, adult video on demand, and an online adult store. We offer a huge selection of adult fantasies to choose from, and are always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas. Dates and submission info here. Literotica is a member of the Go Stories Erotic Network. As of December , it has been operating on a web-based client. Searches for Literotica peak at 4 am. Sure, there is an art to writing erotic fiction that will get someone off, but, pretty much anything will do for most of the horny people who visit this site. Its few rules prohibit stories about paedophilia and bestiality except fantasy creatures like dragons and unicorns , and it is mostly aimed towards amateur writers and readers who prefer the largely image-free environment. Other Sites - if you must go, go here! Have fun and enjoy yourselves while visiting Literotica Erotic Fiction! Feedback is always appreciated. By entering Literotica, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to our legal disclaimer. The Literotica Book is out, so go get a copy and tell your friends too.

Literotics com

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