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Jon, STL Thanks for the program. I hate thinking about this stuff while I'm at home. Automatic, secure shuffling of your RES code every 30 days, freeing you of the requirement to update it. I don't think I could do my job or have a life without LiteSabre. You can feel good about buying a Saf-T-Lite! Search all pairings on every bidsheet, and filter for selected criteria. Search and trade right from the app. Thanks for all your hard work.


Now with a couple of clicks I can get what I need and exit. I hate thinking about this stuff while I'm at home. Use filtering to determine what type of trips you can hold. A head's up notification when you are scheduled to fly with a check airman. What does it do? Saf-T-Lite rechargeable work lights are designed for the professional, so no matter where your work is located, they can provide the illumination you need to get the job done. I'll do my best to find any faults, but so far, I'm not sure I can! Change your seat right from the message.! Shows your schedule and and conflicting Google Calendar events. I like the fact that I can set all the choices right from my phone. Far calculator that knows your current and past limits, including hour and hour history. Don't eat dinner alone! I'm still learning how to use it all. A great way to get pay protected, and possibly not fly! For example, the phone app has hot-linked phone numbers for dispatch and the layover hotel - a neat, simple time-saver. I really like the one click access. Steve, LGA The other day as they were working on our plane and blowing through our departure time, I got a text from Delay Minder of the revised departure time before ramp or the agent seemed to know it. Stubby II Cordless Cordless Work Lights that are Built to Last Whether your job is indoors during the day, or outside at night time, you will appreciate how important dependable, professional-grade lighting can be. Is there a way to incorporate the hotel info like aapilots does. Not affiliated with Sabre Inc. To find out more about our products or for details of a local supplier, call us at LiteSabre periodically retries this trade just in case the lights change. And, it's all automatic. I was sitting in traffic jam in hotel van, going to miss our crew report time. The portable, rechargeable LED work light options we offer are intended to keep shining brightly around the clock! Jon, STL Thanks for the program.


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LiteSabre has a long list of services that AA pilots can use to greatly improve their quality of work life.

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