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We both agreed to not have stuntmen. Then being the first person that Chuck Norris killed on Walker Codename: I started out with a theatre group doing Shakespeare.. CMM-When did you start acting and how did you first break into films and television? We were friends prior to the acting.. Marshall-My favorite bands and singers really is a long list.. Most memorable-I must say running into an asteroid is up there.

Marshall teague martial arts

Which of the characters was your favorite to play and do you think we will see you working with Chuck Norris again sometime in the future? He didn't want to be my friend and I didn't want to be his which made the fight even more real. Best know for playing the role of Jimmy Reno in the cult classic Roadhouse, Marshall has also had regular roles on shows like Babylon 5 and Walker Texas Ranger. The rest is history. I realized the impact when it released in theaters and knew it would be a cult classic. It was the Head of Wardrobe Dept. CMM-How long did it take to shoot the epic fight scene with Patrick? My martial arts is a facet of my getting involved with acting. Finally, I have to ask you about one of the most famous lines in cinema history - "I used to fuck guys like you in prison! Playing Ta'Lon on Babylon 5 was unique. How did this lead to an acting career? We were both bruised, he had cracked ribs and I a cracked eye socket. Chuck Norris and the producers allowed me the freedom to create the unique characteristics that defined and encompassed their scripted words. Do you have any other songs or recordings in the works? Patrick and I had not spoken a word to each other. So truly the essence of their personalities were well captured on film. Marshall-I started writing songs around As for future recordings I'm still writing songs and look to record them at some point. TV shows are given a lot more respect now than in the past. As for our evolution in friendship, we have grown closer as our families have grown. I think it will be awesome if they remake it! He was truly a nasty human, that didn't go down easy. We both agreed to not have stuntmen. Made in , Road House feels like the end of an era. As an actor, what are the changes you've seen in the TV industry over the past 30 years? We all knew while filming Road House we were pushing boundaries.

Marshall teague martial arts

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