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When we think of ancient Egypt, we think of the wealth and glamour of kings. Great floods would come each year and would provide fertile soil for growing food. The Egyptians were proud of their enemas. Ancient Egypt written by George Hart. Ancient Origins When a man died in Egypt, he was embalmed right away. They used moldy bread to help with infections. It was conquered by a number of other civilizations. Only scribes could read and write and they were considered powerful people.

Movies about ancient egypt

They accepted that men had to menstruate just like women, and they accepted the blood coming out of their bodies as a normal part of growing up. As a result, archeologists have a lot of well preserved artifacts and tombs to examine in order to find out how the Ancient Egyptians lived. But given the choice, the ancient Egyptians had a strong argument for staying celibate. Slim, muscular frames were still the beauty standard for Egyptian men. It was not to be seen by regular people. Ancient Egyptians got schistosomiasis so often that they just thought they were menstruating. They had ways to test fertility and pregnancy that were truly advanced for their time—and incredibly weird. Some of the nicer ones involved honey, but the braver women mixed tree leaves and crocodile dung. Back to History Ancient Egypt was one of the greatest and most powerful civilizations in the history of the world. Pyramids and Treasure The Pharaohs of Egypt were often buried in giant pyramids or in secret tombs. Ancient Egypt written by George Hart. There are a lot of theories, some crazier than others. According to one theory, the erection might not really be his. Egyptian rulers had terrible diets. The government and religion were tied together as the leader of the government, the Pharaoh, was also leader of the religion. This was before plumbing, of course, so that meant they had to clean up their mess by hand afterward. Then the woman had to stick that concoction inside herself—or else deal with nine months of pregnancy. The Egyptians were proud of their enemas. It was thought to have healing powers, plus it helped protect their skin from the sun. Women had a few options for birth control, including different mixtures for contraceptives. Some people think that his embalmers switched his real member with that of a more impressive donor. Live Science When Howard Carter found the untouched tomb of King Tutankhamen, he discovered a wealth of treasures and relics the likes of which historians had never seen before. Like we do today, ancient Egyptians had doctors for every body part of the body. Writing was also important in keeping the government running. They even had a whole myth behind them. In particular, schistosomiasis infected nearly everyone there.

Movies about ancient egypt

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Tale of the Mummy - Adventure, Fantasy, Horror

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Women, though, were a different matter. The Pharaoh kept his hair covered.

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