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Understanding OkCupid and how others use it 1. I really like this person, but I don't want to make the first move because I don't want to look desperate. However, if a conversation has already been started, it can still be continued. Deleting it removes it entirely and you will not be able to retrieve anything There is a plethora of reasons. Welcome to the new world of dating, where old customs and traditions make way to those willing to go and get what they want. Your message plus your thumbnail has obviously sparked interest and curiosity.

Okcupid faq

If the rest of their profile is still engaging enough to you to warrant a message, don't get too hung up on one or two questions that may have been improperly answered. The reasons behind the selection are unknown, and the primary purpose is to vote on whether or not an image is delete-worthy. Your message plus your thumbnail has obviously sparked interest and curiosity. I hate to say it, but saying one thing can be perceived differently by your audience. At most, we can only parrot the features that are on the website's own [A-List page. There is a plethora of topics that are routinely discussed, and we recommend that you do a quick search to see if your topic has been brought up within the last month or so. Give it some time and let your match get to it. He or she will never be notified, and can continue to send messages; those messages just won't be sent to your inbox. In fact, you may be asked to share your knowledge of the features and how they work for you. This could be one of two things. He or she may just want to find someone to talk to for extra perspective on things. I'm looking for a relationship, but I'm not opposed to casual sex in the meantime. Unfortunately, the system isn't down. It's unfortunate, so keep sex on the down low if you don't want to hinder your other chances at a more substantial connection. The algorithm is a fantastic tool for filtering matches and finding someone more compatible, but it can't be taken completely seriously as it does have these flaws i. They have a red line replies selectively. However, if you see yourself in a situation that is raising red flags or is having you second-guess yourself or the other person, consider distancing yourself. The flair you assign to this subreddit will only appear in this subreddit. In our ProTips section, [we have a list of things a person can do to make sure they have the safest, and most fun dating experience. If none of these questions answer your specific quandary For your profile, check out our [Profile Basics] http: Becoming appointed an OkCupid moderator OkCupid occasionally will nominate users as "flagmods". If there are other questions that contradict each other, there is probably a reason behind it. Do women really receive a lot more messages than men? What's up with that? If you're looking for someone with an income of 60,, for example, you'll only get individuals within that range that have publicly stated they make that much. The honest answer is, "I don't know.

Okcupid faq

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Like many other things with dating, there are no hard rules as to when you should deactivate or delete your account.

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