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For adults and teenagers only. Learn about Aboriginal culture. Wild Sleep Out eco-cabin If you like your wildlife with a little luxury. Learn Aboriginal lore about how to live in harmony with the world, ancient teachings still relevant today. A safe bush adventure. Join Us On Facebook.


Arrive ready for a real day's work. Create your own adventure. Toast marshmallows on the campfire weather permitting. You never know who you will meet Sometimes you just need to poke a croc! Choose one or both modules. Enjoy some special animal one-on-one time, or private bush lessons. The fun thing about a pretend crocodile is you can poke it with a stick and it doesn't get mad and eat you. Wild Sleep Out safari tent So much more special than a night in a zoo. Don't worry - it's not real! Coffee with the animals, an easy bush walk, or something more strenous. Lessons from the bush. Learn Aboriginal lore about how to live in harmony with the world, ancient teachings still relevant today. Wild Sleep Out An overnight bush adventure for everyone, with friendly animals, optional animal encounters and Aboriginal cultural tours, and all day access to the sanctuary. Bush walks, Aboriginal sites, Dreamtime stories, friendly wildlife. Daily Activities Personal Ranger A wonderful experience, hire your own ranger. Add ranger-led animal encounters or Aboriginal sites walkabout workshops. Learn about Aboriginal culture. Group Eco-education share-house Get close to Country. Plus most of Australia's iconic animal species, from Koalas to Tasmanian Devils and Wombats - many rescued orphaned or injured, or part of 'breed-for-release' programs - are cared for by the rangers in various natural camps. A safe bush adventure. Life's Too Short to Stay at Home. Relax on your veranda with the kangaroos. This is not a soft option, this is the real thing. Bring a picnic, good walking shoes, and a flashlight! Visit Aboriginal sites and taste wild-growing bush tucker.


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Group Eco-education share-house Get close to Country. Animals, Aboriginal and conservation modules.

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