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He met members of the Bach family in Eisenach which was the home city of J. Creation[ edit ] In his lifetime, Johann Pachelbel was renowned for his organ and other keyboard music, whereas today he is also recognized as an important composer of church and chamber music. Lorenz Hauptschule and the Auditorio Aegediano in Nuremberg, then on 29 June he became a student at the University of Altdorf , where he was also appointed organist of St. They had five sons and two daughters. This is partly due to Lutheran religious practice where congregants sang the chorales. The models Pachelbel used most frequently are the three-part cantus firmus setting, the chorale fugue and, most importantly, a model he invented which combined the two types.


Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed. Posthumous influence[ edit ] One of the last middle Baroque composers, Pachelbel did not have any considerable influence on most of the famous late Baroque composers, such as George Frideric Handel , Domenico Scarlatti or Georg Philipp Telemann. Bach, then nine years old, met Johann Pachelbel. The piece gained growing fame, particularly in California. This entry is from Wikipedia , the user-contributed encyclopedia. Currently there is no standard numbering system for Pachelbel's works. The piece begins with a chorale fugue not shown here that turns into a four-part chorale setting which starts at bar Four years later he took a position as court organist in Eisenach, where Bach would be born in Predigerkirche , the Erfurt church, where Pachelbel worked for 12 years, starting in In June , Pachelbel was employed as organist of the Predigerkirche in Erfurt , succeeding Johann Effler c. The eight chords suggested by the bass are represented in the table below: Four sets of chorale variations appeared around this time under the title of Musicalische Sterbens-Gedancken Musical Thoughts of Death. Johann Mattheson , whose Grundlage einer Ehrenpforte Hamburg, is one of the most important sources of information about Pachelbel's life, mentions that the young Pachelbel demonstrated exceptional musical and academic abilities. That job was better, but, unfortunately, he lived there only two years before fleeing the French attacks of the War of the Grand Alliance. Pachelbel was born in August of and baptized on September 1. In some respects, Pachelbel is similar to Haydn , who too served as a professional musician of the Stephansdom in his youth and as such was exposed to music of the leading composers of the time. Chorale phrases are treated one at a time, in the order in which they occur; frequently, the accompanying voices anticipate the next phrase by using bits of the melody in imitative counterpoint. Pachelbel only used the bicinium form in two other pieces. The Canon and Gigue in D major is one such piece. Submit Tips For Editing We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. He accepted, was released from Gotha in , and arrived in Nuremberg in summer, with the city council paying his per diem expenses. Bach is set at a fictional radio station whose call letters stand for "Wall-To-Wall Pachelbel". He would serve for nearly 11 years in this post, producing his most famous vocal scores, as well as his great Magnificat fugues. Household instruments like virginals or clavichords accompanied the singing, so Pachelbel and many of his contemporaries made music playable using these instruments. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. This period of Pachelbel's life is the least documented one, [9] so it is unknown whether he stayed in Regensburg until or left the same year his teacher did; at any rate, by Pachelbel was living in Vienna , where he became a deputy organist at the famous Saint Stephen Cathedral Stephansdom.


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The quality of the organs Pachelbel used also played a role:

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