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If these two can avoid bickering over their conflicting emotional needs and differing takes on issues of truthfulness and morality, they can have fun together making their dreams come true! Help them out if they need you to. Still, as a strong serious type, Capricorn may be overcome by Pisces' capricious nature and become exhausted by this match. It will appear as though the Pisces reads the mind and heart of their lover. Both are signs that have a predisposition to stray, so infidelity can be a problem as well. Their psychic vision sees through the real motives of others. Although Pisceans are not leaders, they excel in guiding others as teachers and role models. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of mystery and illusion, the Piscean nature has a desire to be swept away by a storybook romance. Pisces will follow the path of least resistance.

Pisces woman most compatible sign

Prone to addiction, escapist, confused, frequent inferior complexes, unrealistic, submissive, indolent, lethargic, self-pitying, lacking boundaries, dependent and codependent The Pisces zodiac sign is compassionate, intuitive, adaptable, impressionable, emotional and changeable. They like to help and want to in anyway that they can. As with other areas of the Piscean life, love is filled with fantasy and dreaminess. However, this is just a quick and easy way to compare, and it's going to have lots of exceptions on this broad level. Opposite Star Signs are often magnetically attracted to each other, their strong yin-yang polarity giving them the potential to complete each other like two halves of a perfect whole. Pisceans need positive emotional direction, often through creative expression. That's because people are more than just their sun sign. However, experience also emphasizes the compatibility of signs within their own element. Virgo The zodiac opposite of Pisces is Virgo. Capricorn Capricorn , the cardinal earth sign, is also a stabling personality for Pisces. Pisces will follow the path of least resistance. Both are signs that have a predisposition to stray, so infidelity can be a problem as well. The Pisces-born are extremely loving individuals with great capacity for a close emotionally intimate relationship with their partner. They have a need to lose themselves in the clutches of their lover, uniting in a mystical communion. Make a Pisces-born laugh and they will connect with you immediately. Pisces and Libra are two signs that are likely to feel a strong mutual attraction in the beginning, but sooner or later, their critical differences will begin to cause problems. A Pisces likes to have a lover by their side. Pisceans are great listeners and their sympathy is genuine. The twelfth sign of the zodiac must work hard to have inner stability and balance. Strike up a conversation about your favorite band or film. By showing vulnerability it demonstrates that you have feelings and can sense the pain of others. If the world was solely made up of emotions this would be a perfect pair. Pisces is an extremely intuitive sign, known to have strong precognitive powers. Their psychic vision sees through the real motives of others. Both sensitive and compassionate signs, Cancer and Pisces make for an astrology love match based on solid common ground. One way to win the heart of a Pisces is to appeal to their romantic nature.

Pisces woman most compatible sign

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Aries & Pisces: Love Compatibility

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